HOW GOOD it looked in 2011.

HOW GOOD it looked in 2011.

Pictures sometimes say so much more than a requiem and having stopped at the West Marina this morning, I think three photos pretty much sum up the progression–or demise of the unique, natural setting that is Lake Elsinore.

Sadly, it’s taking its last breaths.

We remember (sort of) the record rain at the end of 2010 and early 2011 (photo at left). But since that time, even with more than 4 million gallons of reclaimed water pouring in daily, evaporation has nearly sucked the basin dry.


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save the deltaI think most know while I have lots of opinions, I don’t venture out unless consequences of keeping silent are just too great. That’s why I’m asking you to take a moment and read the info on the included link and sign a petition-for and in behalf of both black bass and striped bass as now reside in the California Delta. Check it out here, please.

I know humankind has pretty much lost its way when it comes to “fixing” the world. No, neither largemouth bass nor stripers were here when Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden of Eden, (more…)

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MORE LONG and dry ramps predicted...

MORE LONG and dry ramps predicted…

Grateful for the heavy precipitation in the northern half of the state this winter, it’s now time to trash your hope chest (or maybe not?) NOAA is dishing up nothing but mixed reviews for the coming winter, leading to that old axiom, “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.”

Latest El Niño report is not convincing. It says a Niña Watch is in effect as sea temperatures are going bad as it relates to SoCal precipitation (at least as those conditions tend to offer us some of the wettest winters. Pulling from the latest report:

“Collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a transition from El Niño to ENSO-neutral conditions,” which most of us could figure (more…)

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note scheduleSaved some sick days, did you? Took one last week to get the boat inspected and tagged. That’s kind of how things stand today [May 17] on the eve of the reopening of Diamond Valley Lake’s launching facilities, tomorrow morning [May 18]. After more than a year of low water, the wet winter in NorCal has led to enough water transfers our way to store enough to make the lake fishable again. So hello, DVL!

And there will be quite a fuss associated with the lake being back on line for boats that meet the standards–including being clean and dry from any ventures to other waters where the dreaded quagga lurks. (more…)

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With A rig

Tournament numbers appear static in the West.

While I don’t want to label the future of western tournament fishing as contracted, you don’t have to be a behavioral scientist to see some old patterns emerging in tournament participation.

Even with the extraordinary hype leading up to the 2016 season, the new flashy websites and the addition of television coverage, the only circuit (FLW Costa Series) with more than a regional end game is the one struggling to make a good showing.

We’ll know a bit more when that circuit hits the popular Clear Lake in mid April, but the tepid number of 125 pros (more…)

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Proving there may be hope for any tournament angler willing to maintain the key elements required for success: fitness, experience, preparation, observation and confidence, Rick Clunn’s 15th career Bassmaster win in Florida is trending heavily right now. And who doesn’t like it when a legend seemingly rises from the dead? (more…)

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frog vidsUPDATED–Toughest parts of a bass fishing interview are asking the right questions–and then being able to read my notes so I can tell the story. Bobby Barrack’s companion videos “Turnin’ Frogs into Toads” (1 & 2) has taken a double, make that, a triple load off my back.

For the first step, Bobby clearly thought about what information he should share–what would be essential and make sense. Second, if you get these videos, you won’t have to read my notes–nor will I. (more…)

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EL NINO proves to be one rude dude.

EL NINO proves to be one rude dude.

Kind of rude, you know. With so many expecting you for the spring event, but what do we get? Nothing, not a word of explanation.

Hey, we’ve been steeped in drought for almost five [stinking] years. My lawn looks like the Sahara, and I can barely see the top of the launching ramp from the lot. Heck, everywhere else, I can see the bottom of the launch ramp.

I went out and got the roof repaired, the yard drains cleared and painted everything wood on the property. I can’t believe you would act like this! We got your early tease, then a week or so back we got a nice one-day shower.

So where are you? (more…)

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Who owns the spot

WHO OWNS this spot?

UPDATED–One of the great dilemmas of fishing small lakes is trying to reconcile basic instincts. Like observing the environment with respect to other anglers present, and catching your fish.

Yet, once you’ve spent 20, 50 or a hundred hours on the same thousand surface acres, for example, isn’t it a fair question to ask: which part of it is yours, and which part of it belongs to that guy, or that guy over there? (more…)

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The topics actually cross paths. Get the electronic version of the Matt Kramer work for free!

The topics actually cross paths. Get the electronic version of Matt Kramer’s book for free!

UPDATE: The offer for a free copy of the new book has been extended two more days.

Here’s something a little different. And while it may not be an exact fit for every upcoming professional angler, it still could help.

I’ve seen the idea put forth by others on the fishing websites–that somebody looking to break into the industry would greatly help their own cause by taking a public speaking course. The idea is to improve your marketability by working on your communicative skills, whether in front of an audience, clients or company heads.

Being a successful angler is good, but probably not enough to sustain a year-round income. Being able to confidently carry the product/instructional message, (more…)

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