website-version-tuesdayMy son and I are launching in the next hour, trying to solve the Lake Elsinore puzzle, and maybe score a few fat ones for pictures.

But in the meantime, is anyone up for a little research game?

Bass Fishing: An American Tradition (that book I wrote in my youth) has a singular Civil War reference in it that could have been more than a little embarrassing had the history buffs got hold of it.

Fortunately, my copy editor did some checking and made the fix before the copy hit the press.

If you know what I’m talking about, send me an email. The first one who can identify the specific reference and the page number will win a couple of packs of Jackall Flick Shake worms and a pack of tungsten wacky jig heads. And don’t forget to leave a mailing address.

HINT: The man in the reference was a Union general.

Yikes, it’s a little chilly this morning. Hope we have something good to report after lunch….

And now we’re back. After a few hours we got four of these and a big ol’ black crappie. Whew! I was afraid I was going to have to do some explainin’.

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dsc_00371Everybody starts somewhere in the bass fishing game. The problem is, once we start, it’s hard to go back and make sure we’ve got it right. And it’s so tough to unlearn things.

That’s why I really appreciate the role of a fishing guide, especially a guide as a teacher.

You can argue every guide puts his own spin on the where and why-for, but let’s face it, they know what they are doing—or they won’t last very long in that service oriented business.

Anyway,  just to get the notion out of my system, (more…)

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Today, Brent Ehrler became an FLW millionaire with his narrow win in the National Guard West Series contest at Lake Havasu. And his supreme performance, which earned him just over $114,000, was not lost on his competitors.

Said Mike Folkestad, the leader going into the final round, and eventual fourth place finisher, “Brent is awesome. He’s getting to be another Kevin Van Dam.” (more…)

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The numbers might be down, but no one needs to apologize for the quality of the field at this weekend’s FLW Series, National Guard West event at Lake Havasu.

Led today by 3-time U.S. Open winner Mike Folkestad of Yorba Linda, the tournament field of 111 pros featured some of the finest anglers in the country including former Bassmaster Classic and FLW Tour Championship winners, plus B.A.S.S. Invitational, Stren Series, FLW Series, and four other former U.S. Open winners.

I talked to Mike earlier this evening and he was at his vintage, low-key best.

“It’s no secret,” he said. (more…)

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Must have been. The buzz suggests the National Guard Series in the West was a little short on pros for its Lake Havasu event held the last week in March. Playing it cool, the tournament department made personal calls, trying to recruit a few more pros to match up with their co-angler list.

But I wonder, doesn’t anyone in the tournament biz understand the term demographics? You don’t just pull $4000 entries out of a phone booth, in a recession. (more…)

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jig1I was really fortunate a couple of seasons back, that Curt Arakawa from Jackall Lures ( brought Japanese pro Toshiro (Ty) Ono to California for an unveiling of sorts. Soon after Seiji Kato (the lure designer) had a great tournament result with the Bassmaster Elites at Lake Amistad as a co-angler, the company was looking to get the word out on a new-to-the-U.S. method called wacky jigging.


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Somebody asked the question, “How come a website?” And I was thinking the same thing. Weren’t 35 years in the print media, two books on bass fishing (and another on the way), memorable ride-alongs at the Bassmasters Classic, and humbly, long-time associations with many of the legends of the sport, can’t we just leave it at that?

But then I thought. We once fished with portable depthfinders powered by lantern batteries, cast everything with 3:1 gear ratio baitcasters costing $35 and even wondered how you could ever hook a fish using the Texas rig.

The technology, the methodology and the lightning quick ability to share fishing information just won’t let us sit back in our armchair swivel seats and hope they bring back the Lucky 13 or ceramic guides. There are things going on out there and lots to talk about.

And as soon as I figure out these buttons, we’re going to do it every day.

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Lindner’s Angling Edge website, the Edge Store, has a Father’s Day special on tap.

Join Al Lindner along with the Angling Edge staff as they focus on ‘top to bottom” presentation techniques for largemouth bass in Largemouth Bassology. Secrets are revealed for monster largemouth. Finer points of dock fishing are explored and refined crankbait techniques are shown. Plus you’ll read about Al Lindner’s best tackle and baits for natural lakes.

The Big Bass Zone, a collaboration of Hall of Famer Bill Siemantel and veteran bass writer Michael Jones, provides the fresh ideas you need to shift your focus from just catching the big ones. Whether you fish in Missouri or California or Florida or Maine—or even Japan—whenever the black bass lurks, you’ll eventually be chasing giants in your own waters.

For more information about this Special and to get an early jump on Father’s Day go here.

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It happened 21 years ago this month, at a small reservoir among the popular San Diego City Lakes. Not surprising at the time, yet another big Florida strain bass was reported. But this tale was special; a woman had broken the existing California state record. (more…)

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