Somebody asked the question, “How come a website?” And I was thinking the same thing. Weren’t 35 years in the print media, two books on bass fishing (and another on the way), memorable ride-alongs at the Bassmasters Classic, and humbly, long-time associations with many of the legends of the sport, can’t we just leave it at that?

But then I thought. We once fished with portable depthfinders powered by lantern batteries, cast everything with 3:1 gear ratio baitcasters costing $35 and even wondered how you could ever hook a fish using the Texas rig.

The technology, the methodology and the lightning quick ability to share fishing information just won’t let us sit back in our armchair swivel seats and hope they bring back the Lucky 13 or ceramic guides. There are things going on out there and lots to talk about.

And as soon as I figure out these buttons, we’re going to do it every day.


11 Responses to “Welcome to Kramer Gone Fishing”

About time George!! 🙂

Great to read your words on the wild wild web!


Very Nice website, I look forward to more of your knowledge, insight and wit!

by Stan Fagerstrom

Dear Friend George:

Good luck with your new website. I’ve a hunch there are a whole bunch of folks interested in hearing what you have to share. I’m one of them.

May God bless you and your loved ones. With good memories and warm regards.


Hey George,

This is really neat! Your own web site. No doubt it will be a great success.

25 years ago you wrote an article about the best color of worm to use. At the time you were touting “Blue” worms, ala Bill Dance, as the best choice.

Worm squirter that I was, I made you up a five gallon bucket of six inch “Action Breathing Worms” and had UPS deliver them to your front door so you could catch more bass. I think it was 45 pounds worth. Are you getting low yet?

I’ve been reading your articles ever since.

Al Kalin

George, Added your web site to my “FAVORITES” and look forward to reading your insights, humor, tips,etc.,on our passion of BASS FISHING.

by steve handy

Very nice site. I think the last time I fished with you they didnt even have computers JK. Great job and keep it up .

your caddy

The butttons—that’s where they get us George. It’s those damm buttons!!
Nice work. Looking forward to a lot more.
All the best,

Best of luck in your endeavors with writing a blog.


Brian Day

George…. enjoyed reading your info on the web….especially the piece about the FLW and lack of entries for the big money event. We knew years ago when WON started the original Western Bass that it wasn’t going to be easy…. a lot less bass anglers from which to draw, all long-distance travel to the lakes big enough to host a big tournaments, even a lack of bass boats in those days (remember guys using rental boats at tournament sites), higher entry fees, etc. Obviously there’s going to be more problems in the future economy! And once again, too many “minor” circuits popping up in California. It’s ridiculous to try and schedule events with so many things going on at once on the CA lakes. I’m glad Harvey and I aren’t doing that any more.

by Rich Lingor

Hey George!
When I started reading your column, there was usually a disclaimer explaining that your perspective was that of a neophyte. As a contemporary, my skill level has grown as a direct result of the generous gift of your insight and development as you have traveled the road to expert!

Waxing nostalgic about “Blue Worms”–Remember when the “official” color for Lake Castaic was Teazer Cinnamon Neon-Blue? The first ten pound plus bass I caught was on a Gene Larew Electric Blue 6″ hook tail that I ordered direct from Gene Lerew after reading about salty worms in US Bass. And what about Rewji’s Bonzai Nightcrawler?
Cheers. Rich Lingor

Brother George…
We needed this … the Kramer viewpoint 24/7. As a long-time friend and former fishing partner, I wish you nothing but the best.
And, having spent most of a decade sharing bass boats with you, I became a proponent of blue worms. Like you, Al Kalin gave in to my pleadings about the power of blue .. making triple blue sparkle grubs in that handy 50-lb. pack. I had so much success with that color, Al actually put them in his catalog. I think he may have sold two 20-pack bags at a sport show once. (I might be exaggerating)