Today, Brent Ehrler became an FLW millionaire with his narrow win in the National Guard West Series contest at Lake Havasu. And his supreme performance, which earned him just over $114,000, was not lost on his competitors.

Said Mike Folkestad, the leader going into the final round, and eventual fourth place finisher, “Brent is awesome. He’s getting to be another Kevin Van Dam.”

That’s high praise from one whose long career has been the western gold standard for professionals. And while another 1-pound, 5 ounces would have given Folkestad the win, he was upbeat. “I feel fine,” he said. “The $27,000 ($26,808) will pay for my fishing this year. I can’t complain.”

Right behind him, Justin Kerr, last year’s U.S. Open winner had the biggest sack on the day (16-12) and earned a respectable $17,872 for the four-day contest.

But he knows the shrunken field of 111 competitors does not bode well for the FLW Series continuing in the West. With the tour’s next stop on the Oregon/Washington border, he told me, “I think we’ll only have 70 at the Columbia River—it’s (the Series in the West) over.”


One Response to “Ehrler gets high praise, but is FLW all but gone?”

Congrats to all the guys that made the top 10, and the winner..Brent Ehrler.