website-version-tuesdayMy son and I are launching in the next hour, trying to solve the Lake Elsinore puzzle, and maybe score a few fat ones for pictures.

But in the meantime, is anyone up for a little research game?

Bass Fishing: An American Tradition (that book I wrote in my youth) has a singular Civil War reference in it that could have been more than a little embarrassing had the history buffs got hold of it.

Fortunately, my copy editor did some checking and made the fix before the copy hit the press.

If you know what I’m talking about, send me an email. The first one who can identify the specific reference and the page number will win a couple of packs of Jackall Flick Shake worms and a pack of tungsten wacky jig heads. And don’t forget to leave a mailing address.

HINT: The man in the reference was a Union general.

Yikes, it’s a little chilly this morning. Hope we have something good to report after lunch….

And now we’re back. After a few hours we got four of these and a big ol’ black crappie. Whew! I was afraid I was going to have to do some explainin’.