Like you, I’ve been waiting for something to pop up on YouTube–especially since every other mis-spoken word, misstep or misdeed by mankind seems to end up there. And yet, since last week when the tip came in regarding a sordid (snagging) bass fishing incident– silence has ruled the medium.

Unlike most rumors borne of malice or petty jealousies, this one was different. It contained a subject (prominent angler), a witness (one catching the alleged incident on video) and a third party that was purported to have heard the subject confess that he had indeed been caught on video. You have to admit, a lot of TV dramas don’t have that that much of a story twist. Yet, that’s why something in this episode has that ring of truth to it.

But frankly, unless two or more of those parties come forth, it would be slanderous to say more. The alleged video would be hard to refute. But alone, the one said to have heard the confession would face civil action if his testimony were to come out unsupported. And it doesn’t seem likely the subject would go and confess a second time.

So that leaves the guy in the bushes. Is he holding out for ransom? Was he already paid off? Did he push the erase button intentionally–or by mistake? Or is he getting up the nerve to post on the web?

I’m waiting just like you.

But you can write your own moral to this story below…


2 Responses to “At least three people know…we think”

I wouldn’t call this a prominent tournament angler. Guaranteed if this was done as I was told, then a guarantee it would be done in a tournament. Prominent I say not.

I’m so sick of these “rumors” that surface with the threat of “video evidence” only to be disappointed the video NEVER comes out. If this stuff is true…LET’S SEE IT! And if not then keep your mouth shut.