Lake Perris, that ever-shrinking reservoir in the Inland Empire, continues to draw tournament after tournament in the face of the Diamond Valley closure. And after every tournament I get the same calls and emails and read the same Internet posts about encroachment, bad sportsmanship, verbal bullying and either no rules or no tournament directors willing to enforce them.

So the answers to these problems usually come in one of two categories. (A) keep fishing these events and just get over the bad behavior. Or, (B) as some have suggested, don’t fish them and avoid that list of troublesome offenders. (BTW: You can find their names on every organization’s website).

But I think there might be another solution (other than individual self-control) that can turn the sad image of team bass fishing into a Happy Face!

Since no one on the team circuits can expect to gain national prominence or major sponsorships through their backyard fishing, we should immediately implement T-Ball rules for team tournaments. Yeah. Everybody plays, nobody keeps score and everybody gets a trophy.

Lake Perris and other small bodies of water are perfect for these new rules. No hard feelings, and everybody goes home a winner!

And one more thing. Nobody cares.


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Just give everybody a Lollypop.