And RON CERVENKA is our winner.

Sometimes it’s just fun mailing out tackle–like Jackall’s Flick Shake worms and Wacky jig heads. The wacky jig and Flick Shake from Jackall ( has been one hot item this spring, and previous winners have been pleased with what they received.

But this time we’re going to toss in something nobody else on the planet can give you, a huge bag of 6-inch plastic worms, from the mystery angler’s own historic sponsor. And in a color made notable by none other than the legendary Bill Dance–that you’ll probably never use. (Oh well.)

The sponsor: Kalin Lures Not jarring your memory?

How about a few more clues?  Try this one. This mystery angler has never moved out of the same house for more than 30 years, but still had to change his address. He lived in Santa Ana until the city boundaries were changed and he became a Tustin resident. Can you name him?

The mystery angler is a 4-time tour winner, plus he beat the best of his era in a  “tournament of champions.” Are the cobwebs starting to fall? He won in the Western Bass fishing Association two lake championship event: Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio.

This mystery fellow was considered one of the most formidable competitors of his day, every bit the equal of Dee Thomas, Dave Gliebe and Mike Folkestad. Known especially for his prowess on the Colorado River.

This angler once won a major national title–but only after trailing the host of this website after two days. Can you name this pro? The title was the 1987 U.S. Open.

Just write your response in the comments box. If you are first with the correct answer, we’ll announce your name, and hook up with you by email for your shipping address. And yeah, it’s okay to ask your dad–or grand dad. OR WOULD YOU RATHER email me direct at–in case you might guess wrong? Either way, we’re good.

You are so smart!


2 Responses to “We have a winner: Larry Hopper the mystery pro”

Larry Hopper

Not “…so smart”, George, just old. Hahaha!

Larry Hopper (AKA – “The King of the Deep”) is best known for his prowess at deep structure finesse fishing. While many of the “kids today” have had marginal success pounding the banks, Larry has forgot more about deep structure fishing than most of these kids will ever know.

In addition to being one of the best there ever was, Larry will always be remembered for his famous “Hopper Chop” – an annoying skill of squeezing every ounce of information out of EVERYBODY in the parking lots of the host hotels. “Nobody did the Chop better than the Hop,” Don Iovino once said (or perhaps said MANY times).

Thanks for all of the great memories, Larry. We love ya, Man!

Ron C