whats-he-doingWho knows where the former U.S. Open winner John Kerr will take us this morning, but from a passenger standpoint, this is a pretty good draw. I haven’t been this way in a couple of seasons while the construction was going on for the Olivenhein project, but what the hey. We don’t have a lot of options in the region right now.

Kellen Ellis knows his way around the city lakes as well, so it’s bound to be a good time. He tells me the lake is clear–very clear–not a traditional dingy green we’re used to over the years, so that will mean some tackle adjustments.

But I’m kind of in a pickle. The lads are going to be fishing a tournament here in a few weeks–they’re probably not going to like to see their secrets unveiled here. Of course, after I tell, they won’t really be secrets anymore.

Anyway, film at eleven. Or sometime this afternoon.

I’M BACK and hello, Lake Hodges. Long time no see. Post-spawn conditions were definitely in order, I can tell you that. Fry all over the isolated bushes, especially in the dam arm, but we looked at a lot of stuff from Del Dios to Felicitas.

And then a boat suddenly made a bee line straight for us. John gets hooked up, but Kellen is pointing the camera in another direction. What the heck is going on?

I guess that answers the question!


Michael McLernon rolls up with this 11-pound drop-shot prize that came from the Del Dios portion of the lake. The fish was the largest of three that was hanging out in the mini trees in 10 to 12 feet of water and, needless to say, made his day. And it wasn’t all that bad for us either.

they-got-some1The lake offered a mixed bag. Only a few fish are left on the beds, but school-sized fish are starting to break around the outside trees between the bridge and the narrows. Flukes and under-spins looked like the best bet for the job, but the bigger fish have definitely moved off the banks.

Still recouping from a nasty cut on his hand that required a boatload of stitches, Kellen caddied his friend on a couple of fish. A good day all in all. And lessons learned.