wednesday-largemouthsJust a quick update on the Lake Elsinore action. Two words: Good. Early.

While I usually show off some big hybrids (and we had plenty of those) I thought I’d share a shot of one of several nice largemouths that my partner, Matt Taylor of the OC, took on spinnerbaits. The fish came on the slow roll on the outside fence line and ledges around the flooded city campground launch ramp.

The thing was, the spinnerbait also accounted for some wipers.

But cranking was best for the linesides, shad-like colors in the Deep Little N and the Speed Trap. They weren’t boiling, but the shad activity and a glance at the meter told you to keep casting. Most of those fish were in four to nine feet and they were at their normal rip-your-arms-off best–all from 3 1/2 to 6 pounds or so.

But here’s something. Don’t be afraid to blow the whistle on some guys taking over-limits–it’s pretty obvious with the guys netting shad and fly-lining baits around the greater “pipes” area. The limit is 2 fish, 18-inch minimum.

Hey, it’s the price for having non-reproducing, lure-breaking stripers–but remember, they’re in there for forage control and water quality issues. At Elsinore, the stripers are our friends.

The city has put out a call for the DFG wardens to be on the watch. FYI: everybody should be minding their p’s & q’s.



6 Responses to “Elsinore action worth getting up early”

as far as Elsinore goes…never been there- do you think crawdads or shiners would work well?

Thanks George for the update. Looks like its time to get back out on those wipers.

by George Kramer

Tim: Two things. Crawdads might work, but you will be feeding catfish, they are that plentiful. As for shiners, they are illegal in Riverside County, even to transport.

Heck, with the heat picking up recently i would be wise to go early regardless of the fact that i can’t fish to save my life.

George, I went to your seminar but you never answered my question what is the best spot to get crappie and best bait I usually fish on north end in between a house and pipe. thks

by George Kramer

Jared: chartreuse and white, 1/8th ounce Road Runner on any of the hard bottom banks on either side of the pipes–between February and April. But you know it’s hard to beat a yellow and white mini jig at times.