Fishing is a part of the fabric of life in America and to that end, many sports figures have been active participants or otherwise associated with angling on some level–including bass fishing. The five following individuals, most with some California connection, are primarily and respectively, known for these roles in pro sports.

RAY BOONE, Major League baseball player from San Diego, father/grandfather of Major Leaguers as well

LARRY BIRD, NBA basketball Hall of Fame player with Boston Celtics

JIM ‘CATFISH’ HUNTER, Major League baseball player, top pitcher with Oakland A’s, Yankees

DARYLE LAMONICA, NFL football quarterback with Oakland Raiders, known as the ‘Mad Bomber’; played collegiately at Notre Dame

TED WILLIAMS, Major League baseball player from San Diego, legendary hitter for Boston Red Sox

But can you match these figures with their connection to fishing? Options are: (A) Featured in full page ads for Daiwa tackle (B) Team tournament bass angler in California (C) Suggested bringing Florida bass to the Golden State (D) Inducted into IGFA Hall of Fame (E) Arguably no unique role in angling (none of the above)

See how well you scored:

Ray Boone-(C) Got the idea during spring training in Florida; Larry Bird-(A) Ads appeared nationally including in Western Outdoors Magazine; (E)-Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter, A’s owner Charles Finley actually gave him the nickname; (B)-Daryle Lamonica, was a regular team fisherman in NorCal for a time; (D)-Ted Williams was a noted big game fisherman world-wide after baseball


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100% Right, Damm I’m good!!!!!!

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