tami-at-deltaA short week, yes. But busy nonetheless. Juggling headlines, I’m keeping a promise I made to Blakemore back when I first got this site up and running back in March. You won’t hear it from Mike Hart (SoCal dominator) or even the BBZ’s Bill Siemantel, but you will hear it from me–a 3-part series all about Road Runners for bass. (Somebody had to talk.)

I’ll start with the why, move to the how, and then go into everything what or what about that I can squeeze in. It’s time everybody finds out what they’ve been missing–because for me, the little bladed lure has been everything from a trip-saver to a critical go-to bait over the last two years. In fact, if I was a better fisherman (see May 5 blog), I would have had a real good one to stick in your face. My bad.

And yeah, I know, it wasn’t that many days ago we were following Tami Curtis (Tami on Tour, pictured) but the Stren Series schedule is winding up this week at the Delta. The “Folkestad Traveling Fishing Team” with Tami, Chris Ricci and Mike Folkestad have been pre-fishing the waters all weekend long, and we should have daily tournament updates beginning Thursday.

Everyone up there is complaining about an absence of grass in the water, but the good ones will figure out where the good fish have gone. After the event I’ll be looking for some post-game analysis from Delta guide Rich Thiel and whomever else I can get to talk. You may want to check back.


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This article showed up in the “You may also like” bar at the bottom of the 01/06/12 entry. Entering “RR” , “Road Runner”, or “Blakemore” in the search bar failed to find the other 2 parts of the RR series.

by George Kramer

They are there (somewhere). I just don’t remember what I called them. I’ll look. 🙁

by George Kramer

Check May 26, May 28, 2009…