brent-ehrler-2-fish1He’s won nearly $1.2 million dollars in his short career, moved up comfortably to second in the BassFan World Rankings, but FLW pro Brent Ehrler admits he doesn’t have it all.

“I’ve always wanted to fish a (Bassmasters) Classic,” he told me yesterday afternoon. Still, he knows he needs to ride the wave that has carried him to national prominence and that lofty spot in the rankings. “At this point in my career, I’ve staked myself with FLW. They’ve done so much for me.”

And the same could be said for the world’s number one bass fishing website (see it). In speaking of the rankings, the 32-year old Californian told me, “You know, it’s kind of unexpected (being second). And I love being there!

“I never paid much attention to it,” he admitted. “I moved up into sixth last year at the end of the season and that was one of the coolest things. It’s amazing how many friends call to tell me where I am. I don’t get to track it because I’m on the road so much.”

But it clearly has had an impact on him as a competitor. He told me pretty frankly, “Now that I’ve been up there, you want to move up to the top position; you want to take down the beast somehow (Editor’s note: can you spell KVD?). I’m sure going to try.”

Of course, it doesn’t take much to figure out how that could happen. Yet, it doesn’t sit well with him how the two major circuits are perceived. Speaking of the FLW tour competitors (in the standings he now leads) he said, “We don’t get any respect from the fishing world (compared to the Elites). They say its (FLW) watered down. That drives me crazy.”

But professional bass fishing has seen more than one twist or turn in the recent past. Says Ehrler, “I love where I’m at. But my career won’t be complete until I fish a Classic.”

(Photo courtesy Brandon Oursler, right here).