A look at the Stren Series standings (see it) after two days on the Delta and obviously, Ish Monroe of Hughson was fishing a different lake than everyone else. His 11-pound lead going into the final day–with only nine competitors to deal with–gave him an excellent shot at the top prize, and as we know now, held up as he finished with 66 pounds even.

For Tami Curtis (Tami on Tour), the opportunity to make her second top 10 was thwarted when she could only boat two keepers and four-plus pounds on the second day. Her two-day total of 16 pounds, 2 ounces was good for 47th place in the contest, but should have been more than enough to get her to the Stren Series championship. And it certainly was, as she finished the season in fifth place–an outstanding showing.

“I feel pleased to be where I’m at,” she told me Friday evening. “I honestly did not expect to do as well as I did (this year.)”

While fishing with Mike Moreno Friday, she was reminded that she still has to develop her overall game. “Mike was good with reaction baits, spinnerbaits and topwaters. He culled several times,” she noted. “He caught them all day long.”

Mike Folkestad (this site) took a look at the standings and confessed, “I’m in the wrong place.” Though he cashed a check with his 38th place finish among the pros, he said the windy conditions were not conducive to the frog and Spook bites that were being touted by the leaders, surmising they were elsewhere. “I never saw any of the top guys,” he admitted.