While several nervous parties await response from bankruptcy court over the restructuring plan to be submitted today by Genmar, many out there must rest on the brave and hopeful words put forth by Ranger Boats President Randy Hopper, as well as corporate magnate Irwin Jacobs.

But frankly, it’s out of their hands–and ours. And so it reminds me of Rick Clunn’s sage words regarding “variables” in a competitive environment. Some variables, perhaps like the current economic climate in the boating industry, or more immediately, the rulings by a Minnesota bankruptcy court, are uncontrolled variables.

On the other hand, the foisting on the public of 15 percent Ethanol (E15) fuel for your boat, may be a controlled variable.  In case you hadn’t read the fine print in your motor warranty, from my research, there doesn’t appear to be any allowance for fuel use with higher than 10 percent Ethanol, so the risk is real. Either the outboard industry will be forced to retool and redesign to accommodate the potential new fuel mix, or you can run the stuff in the future and hope nothing goes wrong.

Fortunately (and surprising as heck to me), the Environmental Protection Agency has actually extended the period where it will hear public comment on the matter. That door was to be shut on May 15, but now we have until July 20 to oppose this move toward higher Ethanol content (and its damaging effects on our equipment).

While there may have been no intent to create new problems for the industry, rather just a move to increase profits for the reported 54 Ethanol-producing companies backing E15 fuel, such action could have implications even Hopper and Jacobs haven’t had time to sort out.

So save them the trouble; they’ve got plenty to worry about. Copy the following link (it’s too long for my software) and let the EPA know of your serious concerns over raising the level of Ethanol in your boat fuel: http://www.regulations.gov/fdmspublic/component/main?main=SubmitComment&o=09000064809a3684.

You can do this. It’s a controlled variable. Clunn would be so proud.

BTW: If you want more on the subject, it’s on the web. I Googled “boating concerns over ethanol” and the screen lit up like the night sky on the Fourth of July.


One Response to “Warranty buster: higher Ethanol fuel levels”

Thanks for the heads up on this, George. I went to that EPA site you recommended and it was easy to complete.
Oh, I also Googled “The Truth about Ethanol” and an AP article really blasted the stuff.
Thanks again, man.