casitas-whopperLake Casitas is making heroes out of bass anglers every week, according to guide Rich Tauber.

“This guy should fish tournaments,” says Tauber, the 1982 U.S. Open winner, as he emailed me the latest photo from the lake. “Mark Bagan (pictured) went fishing with me again yesterday. And once again he catches a Casitas monster. This 8-pound 2-ounce fish fell for the live candy–shad.”

According to Rich, the lake continues to produce a solid stream of nice largemouths.  “The grass is growing all over the lake. The water gets clearer each and every day. The topwater fishing just got going strong,” he said “and, of course, there is little or no boat traffic. ”

For those who want a little more in the way of instruction, as opposed to just a guide trip, Rich has something that you may be interested in. As he notes, “I have been conducting an on-the-water tournament school at the lake also.” Interested? Go here.


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That’s a big one!