mars-for-websiteYET ANOTHER UPDATE–There has been a delay in deploying Hawaii Mars at the north end of the lake. The revised schedule calls for the big plane to arrive on Saturday, June 20 at approximately 5 p.m. You read it here first.

UPDATE–According to one source at the City Council meeting, June 9, approval was granted to berth Hawaii Mars at Lake Elsinore. There may be some haggling about price, but it sounds like this is a done deal….

I’m sure Smokey Bear would have told you the same thing, but in case you hadn’t heard, Diamond Valley Lake has been designated as the primary source from which the Martin Mars fire-fighting seaplane will draw water this fire season–from mid-June through Dec. 15.

Under a new agreement, (if passed tomorrow evening by the Lake Elsinore City Council) the flying boat will be stationed at Lake Elsinore Recreation Area @ Campground at the north end, however, rather than drawing water from that busy natural lake, it will take-off, fly eastĀ  and scoop 7,200 gallonsĀ  of water per sortee from the barely used DVL. Two years ago, Lake Elsinore was forced to close much of its surface acreage when the seaplane was in operation. That won’t be the case under the new arrangement.

In its fire-fighting capacity, the Hawaii Mars mixes that water with chemical retardants enroute to dousing Southland brush fires, primarily in the National Forest areas. All told, the contract with the U.S. Forest Service, is for 153 days. If approved, the big plane would arrive from Canada this Saturday afternoon, June 13.

So, what’s that mean? I guess, don’t play with matches–or they may draw the lake down even more.


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Lake Elsinore is the next best thing. That plane is a beast!