marso-in-the-morningGOT BACK, GOT BITES, no thanks to the CHP. I think they put up a special traffic break at the I-15/215 split so I’d miss dinner.

So how was it? Actually, good action, but with bass that weren’t nearly as aggressive as they had been. If I could add up all the short strikes, I’d make it in the NBA. Mainly, though, it was Jerk Shads (very nice bait using a weighted hook) fished quickly around the brush, with a mix of watermelon/candy worms and creature baits fished in the bushes–just like spring time.

Water clear, 71 degrees.

One huge blow-up on the topwater, but no fish to show. And none hooked from a few random boils outside at the north end, below the 5 mph buoys. the-better-areasComparing rocks to bushes–no comparison. Bushes, and especially those around little indentations in the shore (to full sized cuts) were easily the best. (The wide shot of one angler fishing the right stuff.) Most of the fish ran 12 to 16 inches.

Structure fishing? We got at it only the last hour. But in time to watch one very pretty silver Skeeter catch five for five at one stretch, south of the island tip off the first buoy. (Ooh. Should I have told you that?) The angler, who looked like KVD for 30 minutes, later said it was the most fish he had ever caught off one spot.

I also have the GPS coordinates (well not exactly) for the best bluegill fishing in the lake. But I almost forgot, this is a bass blog.

FIRST POST–Anybody that guarantees “bites” has got my attention and I have a promise (that’s better than a CarFax?) from Chris Marso, that “We’re going to have some fun in the morning (at El Cap).”

With the high water, a lot of the activity is concentrated in the upper end of the lake, as most of the locals are quite aware of. But traveling from Riverside County, it’s good to have an idea of what’s going on ahead of time. You hate to carry every piece of tackle you ever owned, when you don’t see the lake that often. It was back in the second week of May for me. Everybody says it’s even better now.

Chris, who happens to be the Direct Sales Manager for Pure Fishing in the area, must have something up his sleeve, or he wouldn’t be so hot to host the media. I think I heard the words “Jerk Shad” and “Chigger Craw,” but then, he could have been talking about me.

But you know what? I’m all good with that. Just take me to the fish.

And since we’re only going to fish the morning, I should be back in the afternoon with some kind of report. Hopefully, it won’t be the Car Fox.


One Response to “Back to El Capitan: need to get some bites”

by john stanek

Dear Mr. Kramer,
I have been thinking of fishing El Cap soon having not fished there in years. How was the bite there this week? Was it worth fishing ? Any tips ??
Thanks, John