WEEKEND UPDATE–Latest word is: not everything in the fishing world is going south, and my sources suggest there will actually be some good news to put out on Monday. When it breaks I will post it!

Just got an email from Bruce Holt up at G Loomis, and starting July 1, he will no longer be Executive Director for the company he has been with nearly 25 years. But he is not really out. It seems Shimano is grabbing a tighter hold on the Washington-based rod maker, “in an effort to consolidate our efforts in the industry,” wrote Bruce.  His new roll will lie in “product development, brand management and communications,” while Shimano will take over sales and marketing beginning Dec. 1.

Bruce noted that his successor is already in the company. “For the past few years,” wrote Bruce, “we have been grooming Jim Lebson to take my place…,” and thus he will in a couple of weeks.

Knowledgeable and candid, Bruce should be a good fit in his new capacity.