Bass fishing’s spinnerbait history probably has seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of regional bladed lures, though many were only known in the narrowest regional niches. But a few national brands, along with a similar number of local models have had their moments in the Golden State–and some throughout the western region.

After thinking back to some wish lists from days gone by, I’ve come up with nine brands and their respective model names. Why don’t you take a shot at matching them up?

And BTW, I really wanted to include the unique Bush Hog, put out by Rip Nunnery during the 1970’s, but I couldn’t find anyone who remembered what Nunnery’s company name was at the time. His lure had the standard spinnerbait configuration, but it’s line tie was fitted with a wire yolk, so you actually tied to the end of it, maybe three inches in front of the standard tie loop. Shortly after he introduced the bait, Rip and partner(s) hit Lower Otay, and while pumping this bait up off the bottom, scored a huge stringer of bass that was touted in Western Outdoor News.

I wonder, does anyone remember the name of his company?

As for my quiz for this week, see if you can match the following brands with the correct spinnerbait models:

(1.) Bass Buster, (2.) Bomber, (3.) Cotton Cordell, (4.) Dick Miller Lures, (5.) Fluttercraft,  (6.) KR, (7.) Matt’s, (8.) Okiebug, (9.) Zorro

(A.) Buck Spinner, (B.) Flash & Wiggle, (C.) Bass Trap, (D.) S.O.B., (E.) Tarantula, (F.) White Tornado, (G.) Bushwacker, (H.) Agitator (Aggravator), (I.) King

You can Google search, ask your grampa, or just take a guess. Just post your answer in “Leave a Reply.” And what the hey,  I’ll find some spinnerbaits and trailers for the winner.


9 Responses to “Spinnerbait quiz: SD’s Kevin Martin wins it”

George, you forgot the world famous Tornado spinner bait from “Shoestring” DuBois. 🙂

by George Kramer

Actually, that was on the original quiz list, but it was so much more recent and was so similar to a predecessor, I decided to hold it back.
And your answers are…?


by kevin martin

1.E 2.G 3.A 4.F 5.B 6.I 7.C 8.D 9.H

I think I’ve got most of these. Know how a lot of people use the same sounds to name their kids? A lot lure companies do the same thing with their lures. (For the rest, I’m scrambling.) Fluttercraft is Flash & Wiggle. Bomber is Bushwacker. KR has to be King. Okiebug is the funny one. Small Okie Bug (SOB)? Matt’s is the repeat sound in Bass Trap. Zorro won the first Classic, so we all know Aggravator. Googled up Bass Buster Tarantula, so I am down to the last two. Cordell is down south, so I’ll guess something about deer hunting (bucks) Buck Spinner. That leaves Miller and White Tornado. How did I do?

by George Kramer

Oh, oh, Kevin. Somebody must have had some “outside help.” Like maybe his father who was a regular in the pages of Western Outdoor News, and whose own career spans the period from the very late 1960’s to the late 1980’s and beyond. WINNER. WINNER. WINNER!

The Bass Buster Tarantula was a big single-spin with maybe 8 wide, rubberband strands for a skirt–thus the spider reference. The Bomber Bushwacker came from Texas, and was touted on Lake Henshaw by its traveling promo angler, Floyd Mabry. The Cordell Buck Spinner was another single-spin, only with a large Indiana blade. Oh yeah, and it only cost a buck. Dick Miller (along with his son Mike) were the L.A. area guys with some hot baits. This tandem spinnerbait was first introduced in just one color–white. Fluttercraft’s Flash & Wiggle, in the 3/8-ounce size was an oblong headed tandem with a 3-inch grub trailer that caught ’em good. The KR King, from the family where all the men had the same initials in San Clemente, was promoted by the catches of Kent and Krag Ross, notably at Vail Lake when it was public. Matt’s Bass Trap, was named for the company owner, Earl Matthews of Tustin, who merely repackaged the double-hooked H&H Spinner. Bass anglers left a lot of yellow Bass Traps on the chain link fences of Lake Elsinore in the 1970’s. Don Butler, owner of Okiebug Lures used his S.O.B. (Small Okie Bug) to win the second Bassmasters Classic on Percy Priest in Tennessee, and hopefully, we all remember the Zorro Aggravator (Agitator) was the bait that won the first Classic, held on Lake Mead.


by George Kramer

Matt: Nice reasoning on the “buck spinner,” and not a bad job. But as you can tell by the date signature, you’re a couple of hours late. Thanks for playing. This was a tough quiz.



Rip’s company was named Bandit Bass Lures. Now, here’s a questions for you. What was the configuration of Rip’s favorite lure he made called the Double Bass Boober? 🙂

Nice list and really brought back some memories. What about the Norman Redman spinnerbait.

by George Kramer

That would be a……… twin-spin? Got mine at Irvine Lake tackle shack, Terry.


That’s right George. 🙂 Old Rip sure had some crazy names.