Is it just me, or has Ish Monroe actually kicked it into reverse over the last two national campaigns?

Oh, he’s won some things out here. And he’s been close in others. So for me, that’s the puzzling part because there is nothing harder than winning. But I’m not talking about the regional wins.  In 2007, Hughson’s main man was riding the wave, getting ESPN face time at Amistad while soaring to 15th among the Bassmaster Elites, just a few points out of 10th place. He was high-stepping like Billy “White Shoes,” and it looked like he might be able to keep a new boat in every time zone. And we were lovin’ it.

Then a year ago, with basically the same competition, he dropped back–all the way to 31st place among a host of household names. Sure the competition was tough. Real tough. And sure, success brings with it the extra burdens of sponsor obligation. And certainly,  no one would argue that when you call California your home, no state in the Old Confederacy is in easy casting distance.

But you know where Ish stands today? In 80th place! This is the Bassmaster Elites. This is a tournament circuit that only has 100 guys in it. And yes, KVD and Skeet and Aaron and Klein are all in there. But that’s only four guys.

If you look at the standings behind Ish, you may find a few familiar names, but mostly they’re  a bunch of old guys, some unprepared guys, a Canadian and lastly, a DQ’ed guy. That’s not exactly what you call Elite company.

I’m a little concerned. I don’t know if he fished himself out of contention so early in the season that he took his foot off the pedal, or if developing that new Snag Proof frog has diluted his attention, or maybe, he just wants to return to the West, where his recent track record indicates he could dominate.

But if that’s not the case, then I would suggest something my driver training teacher used to say: “The pedal in the middle is the brake; the one on the right is the gas.”


3 Responses to “Ish Monroe: Stuck in reverse or headin’ home?”

At the Delta Stren, he sure pushed the SP Frog a lot. That’s an “as usual” with pros of his caliber who push every sponsor on his shirt. George, how many variation’s of frogs (Tournament Quality) are on the market today? All run around 8-9 dollars a pop.

Rich Thiel

by George Kramer

Well, one thing it tells me, there must be a market for them!
(And possibly, it may have been a mistake to call one “perfect.”)


by Scott Robertson

IMO Ish will be back we have seen it many times it’s the slumps, but those as strong as Ish have proven themselves time and time again, will return without fail. Go Ish! Scott