brent-mug-columbiaIf you ever become a star in the bass fishing game, you just might get the duty that Brent Ehrler has been called to perform regarding the upcoming FLW Series event on the Columbia River, June 24-27. That is, to be the spokesman charged with trying to pump up an event that is apparently looking at a sad number of participants.

Right now you can go to the FLW website and find Brent quoted as saying, “I think there will be some fish just getting off the spawn; lots of fish will be caught.”

Of course, I believe his is an absolutely honest assessment of the fishing.  It does  make one wonder, however, why they use the Southern Californian to tout an event on the Oregion/Washington border? I don’t think Brent won there last year, or any previous year, did he?

Of course, we know the answer to that one–Ehrler is the most prominent name in the field from California, third in the World Rankings, and winner of the Series kickoff event at Havasu. FLW just doesn’t have a lot of options.

In fact, I think they are whistling through the graveyard when the publish the statement, “The tournament, hosted by the City of Umatilla, is the first major bass-fishing event in the state of Oregon and will feature as many as 300 top bass anglers….”

Where those 300 top anglers will come from is one question that pops into my head. But the good news, is the river is now open for pre-fishing, and FLW will give you right up until the day before the tournament to enter. So that will be $4000 for each of you pros–thank you.

Anyway, while it’s still a couple of weeks away, why don’t we have a little poll to see how many boats (we’re assuming with one pro and one co-angler aboard) will show up?  And if you’re correct, and  it turns out to be more than 100, I’ll be obligated to send you a very nice prize package.


7 Responses to “FLW poll: How many at the Columbia River?”


by George Kramer

You’re trying to hurt me on this one, aren’t you 1 bigg?


Jus playin the game

101 would have been my guess, but since I’m late to the party I’ll go with 68.

I’m thinking 111

89 sounds about right…

I visited with the guys at Anglers last weekend on a trip down South, and was told that many are now avoiding the remaining Guard and Stren events. Sad state of affairs for the West Coast tournament scene.


I cheated and Looked: 85