north-shore-elsinoreDon’t know if they’re just waiting for smoke on the horizon or if they can’t find the tune-up kit, but the fire-fighting seaplane, Hawaii Mars is not going to show up at Lake Elsinore today as previously announced.

Latest word from the city indicates a more likely arrival time is, “the middle of next week,” so the popular north end and “pipes” areas will be accessible this weekend. Just how much of that area will be off-limits remains to be seen. Last year, the tanker was only stationed off the city campground for about a week, so its effect was minimal.

All we know is the plane is coming; the support crew is already in town, and there is going to be some paving done out to the drop-off point where the plane will be serviced.

Some say its presence won’t hurt the bass bite at all, given it’s been on the tough side. The guys willing to grit it out with a spinnerbait in the junk, or work slowly through the shallow brush with a jig or creature bait get a few bites and a decent fish now and again, but nothing is easy right now.