swivel-changeNobody is a bigger proponent than I am of the little crappie bait for bass (or wipers or catfish or crappie) but I’m not sure about the latest design change.

Subtle, yes. Well-intentioned, yes. But two things stand out about the lure that have me concerned. One, putting the swivel on the chin of the bait, rather than behind it, means the swivel is going to take the brunt of all bottom contact. (Look closely at the swivel position of the lures pictured.)

Secondly, since the swivel is not aligned with the turning blade, there is more friction in the swivel, which means the blade won’t turn as smoothly.

True, you will now be able to use a bigger bodied trailer and the blade won’t hit, but bass fishermen are more concerned with lure speed–especially the clearer the water–and this new version wouldn’t seem to offer an improvement in that area.

Hey, I’m going to throw them, then we’ll see what we’ve got. I’ll let you know.


One Response to “Road Runner design change in question”

Maybe I’m missing something here, but my first reaction was “Huh?”

Yes, the jury will be out on this one for awhile, but my guess is the “new and improved” Road Runner will be yet another reason why smart anglers should always hoard the version of any bait that works.

(Maybe this is a brilliant marketing move in tough economic times to clear the racks of the “old” Road Runners. If so, good thinking.)