After, I don’t know how many years, there has been some contraction at headquarters and an old friend, Rich Holland, will be taking over what have been my duties as WON BASS Editor–like today.

While Rich is widely known for his expertise on the saltwater scene (and who remains on top of the whole MLPA fiasco) he is a fine editor who guided Western Outdoors Magazine through the last couple of seasons, before, like so many periodicals across the country, it ceased publication in May of this year.

However, those with some sense of bass fishing history may recall that Rich was previously on the editorial staff of U.S. Bass Magazine in the 1980’s. And in case you weren’t aware, his bass fishing resume includes an 18-pounder out of Lake Hodges–so there!

As for my role (actually I’d like a cinnamon roll, please), I will continue to be a regular contributor, and am looking to be part of the WON BASS staff at the 2009 U.S. Open coming up at the end of August.

But if you think I will miss that trip over the Ortega Highway to San Clemente, you are mistaken.


16 Responses to “Kramer gone as WON BASS Editor”

We will miss you. I hope that you are still able to contribute with writing for them. I really have enjoyed reading your articles. You certainly always keep the articles very interesting, and leave me looking forward to the next one. On the other hand, I also look forward to reading your articles here. Good job and keep it up!

George, sorry to hear the news. Find that silver lining (like you always do) and you’ll be fine. To quote an old friend “You got mad skills”.

So, wanna go fishing?

Best of luck in all of your endeavors.


by mike goodwin

WOW! George best of luck to you. You have always been
very good to me, so I thank you for all the nice words over
the years. Go get Chris Jones, and you guys get after em.
If you ever need anything my way, you know all you have to
do is call. Look forward to reading your stuff soon.

Best wishes, Mike Goodwin

One of the few features in WON that I liked and now that’s gone too. Didn’t know about the magazine not being published any more either (do I get a portion of my recent renewal refunded then?). Well with George out, there’s really no reason to renew next year. WON has increasingly been a biased political rag anyway — not “news” — and I find Holland’s writing to be the most biased.

Sorry to see you go George, but I hope to read you elsewhere soon.

Good luck George. Please keep us posted as to the future. I’ve read your work since I was a little kid.

Good luck,

Terry Battisti

by Harvey Naslund


You have had an excellent career in the bass fishing game.
I was there when you started with your first published article “Constanino On Top” way back when. (about a guy fishing Lake Otay). Your contributions to the bass fishing sports started about the same time I became involved in the tournament games and I shall always remember and appreciate the years of friendship and working together to develop worthwhile tournament programs. One thing for sure, you will never have to worry about having something to do as long as the fishing sports are around. Best of luck in your future endeavors..and thanks for the memories.


George, Your column in W.O.N. was the first one I read & one of the main reasons I subscribed to that publication,ditto for “Western Outdoors”. Now I will look forward to your very fine web site’s blog & features & “Newsletter”(when available) for your keen knowledge,information,& wit on our passion fishing for BASS. Good luck & be well Gene P.S.Hope to fish Elsinore again soon!

George, I’m so very disappointed to hear this news. I also have been a big fan for many years and very much looked forward to reading your insights and contributions every week. I’ll now frequent your site to feed my habit, I suppose, and thank you for putting this site together to share your wisdom with your friends and fan base!

I believe this is a major loss for WON, and that you’ll be sorely missed by their readership, but also know that you’ll do well with whatever endeavors you choose to undertake.

Come up and see me on the Delta soon – I have an open backseat for you any time!


How many bullet holes does WON need in their foot? Seems like every change this year has been counter-productive. No more Pro/Ams. Hmmm, what next?

by John Murray

George: Forget about working the U.S. Open and get back to your real dream and FISH it! Purple/sparkle Fluttercraft worms on 1/16th oz jigheads will be the winning ticket this year! Seriously, thank you for all the interest you have generated over the years in bass fishing, and thanks for being a true friend to all of us!

by Norman Santos

George, Nancy and I are sorry to see you go and we both wish you the best of luck in whatever adventure you seek! We still have you here and we are both looking forward to seeing you at the 2009 WON BASS U.S. OPEN. Take care George. ~FISH ON!~

by Scott Robertson

George, as I said on westernbass. They haven’t made the brightest decisions in past couple of years. I would read your stuff anywhere. Hey, maybe put out a competitive weekly? I would be the first one to sign up. I know its too much work but just a thought. Screw it let’s just fish. Scott

by George Kramer

All the thoughts are much appreciated. The good news: I’m still kicking, still fishing and still writing. And it’s great to know you’re still reading. Nothing to be upset about, tomorrow’s a new day….


George: Your perspective and how you convey that to us is unique and relevant. You are quite obviously appreciated by the bass community as a writer and all-around ‘good guy’. It is an honor for those of us who know you personally. You always rise above the rest and I suspect things will be no different this time. I think Murray is actually fishing Hula Poppers at the dam.

by Kevin Linehan

George, I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles. I like how you injected your articles with your opinion no matter how controversial that opinion may be. I respect that! Good luck in whatever you tackle next!

hi george..I dont understand considering the poor state of west coast bass touraments why WON would get rid of their writer that promoted bass fishing so well.personally I’am getting burned out on the pro-ams type program probably because I suck..what does everyone think about bringing back the pro to pro draw? remember the “BASS” touraments with full fields with a boat to boat the way johns wrong about the fluttercraft worms at the open it will be won with 4″purple rebel ringworms I found a bag with 22 of them in my garage the other day..good luck