elsinore postage stampMARS UPDATE–Air safety certification from Washington DC, it turns out, is causing the delay in the arrival of the fire-fighting seaplane, and more will be known about the process on Friday. No need to bring your camera and kids just yet.

Lake Elsinore, Southern California’s largest natural lake, will be the focus of plenty of media attention over the next seven days as it sees the arrival of Hawaii Mars, the fire-fighting seaplane, endures a temporary lake closure for repairs on the the aeration system all day Thursday, while also being featured on FOX Sports West television.

The huge, red water tanker should arrive any time, it’s service crew and spotter helicopter having already arrived,  stationed just off the Lake Elsinore City Campground. As previously noted, the plane will scoop water from Diamond Valley Lake, rather than Elsinore as it did in 2007.

One immediate bit of news, however, came from the city. Officially it read, “WARNING: The City of Lake Elsinore has issued a Temporary Partial Lake Closure to allow for maintenance of the Diffused Aeration System on Lake Elsinore. An airline that is 2,000 feet long will be floating on the surface in the Construction Zone. To safeguard the public, all boaters are prohibited from entering this area.”

What this means is the High Speed Zone is closed, as is the western side of the lake from north end of the speed zone to the “island” (T-shaped portion of the levee). Basically, this means the entire west shore out to and including the speed zone.

On Sunday, June 28, Ronnie Kovach’s Fishing Ventures TV show will air the episode “The Secret of Lake Elsinore” at 9:30 a.m. then will reprise the show at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30 on FOX Sports West. Shot during April, the episode shows off the many possibilities the lake has to offer.

And actually, since we’re talking media, the FOX broadcast will be preceded by a Saturday morning (June 27) radio stint with Kovach on his Radio Fishing University. A contingent from Lake Elsinore (including one local bass fishing blogger) will be in studio with Ronnie on 830 AM radio. Hopefully you’ll be listening while fishing that morning, since the show runs from 5 to 7 a.m. on the Angels flagship radio station.


2 Responses to “Media shines on Lake Elsinore this week”

Got it George. I’ll be listening to Ron Kovach’s on Sat. and watching the video (The Secret of Lake Elsinore) on Sun. Be well, Gene

It was a pleasure fishing (and filming) with George Kramer and members of the Lake Elsinore Bass Club. They are polished professionals in their sport. One of these days I would just simply like to “go fishing” at Lake Elsinore. Take Care, George !! Danny