Talk about name dropping, in the realm of bass lures there more baits named “Shad” than there are Murphys in a St. Patrick’s Day parade. So for this week’s quiz, we decided not to go back quite so far into bass fishing history in order that we might grab a winner from the current generation of anglers.

Anyway,  most of the following list are shad models from the last decade–or three.

Go ahead, match the lure name with the manufacturer or otherwise describe its origin or maker in a fashion we can determine you got it right. Here goes:

1. Curly Shad, 2. Magic Shad, 3. Speed Shad, 4. Wake Shad, 5. Sassy Shad, 6. Depth Shad, 7. DC Shad, 8. Schurmy Shad, 9. EZ Shad, 10. Shaky Shad

A. Daiwa, B. RoboWorm, C. Lake Fork, D. Tru-Tungsten, E. Mister Twister, F. Bomber, G. Strike King, H. (you tell me), I. Berkley, J. Bass Assassin

And what kind of prize should we offer up? How about a crawdad crankbait?

Answers are:

1-J, 2-C, 3-F, 4-G, 5-E, 6-D, 7-A, 8-H, 9-B, 10-I


3 Responses to “Shad quiz: okay, I’ll give up the answers”

Schurmy shad spoons were a killer bait for boiling fish in the 80’s. They’re made from aluminum, possibly two pieces.They were made by a guy named Ken Schurman (not sure of the spelling) from San Clemente, I believe. He fished the old U.S.Bass ? team circuit here in San Diego. He smoked a pipe and listened to Country Music (loud) when they fished. Pretty eccentric guy. I cant remember his partner’s name offhand.They were quite the pair, always playing jokes on (the late) Wally Augst, the tournament director. That was when it was a party Friday afternoon before a tournament, in line, playing horsehoes and cards. If anyone knows where I can get some of these baits please let me know. I would like to display them for nostalgic purposes.
Thanks, George for bringing up these great memories.

by George Kramer

Hey 1 bigg: You will be happy to know that if you link to, you will find just what you are looking for. And hopefully, Mr. Schurman, who still works there at the Jig Stop in Dana Point, won’t be reading your post.


pretty COOL eccentric guy !!