silversides imageUPDATE: Viewer Brian Day did a follow-up trip to DVL and noted some good bass action, while providing some additional relevant images from the scene. Included were shots of temporary section of ramp, plus silversides (smelt) baitfish.

Emailed Day, “On the water by 6:30 am. Three in a boat, relatively comfortable. Casting and covering water will be a challenge. Went to first point on the right of the launch.  First fish, 3 pounds, on rocky outcropping tight to the rocks on a BBZ Shad… just out of the no wake zone, the bait was pushed to the surface and the fish were boiling.

“Figures:  picked off five in about an hour including a 3-pound smallie. 4-in hologram shad Basstrix and double fluke rig accounted for the fish.   Broke off a good fish on a spoon.

“Moved in tighter to the grass edges and we found a more consistent bite on 5.8-inch watermelon red Flick Shake worms on wacky jig head.   Light line was the key. 4-6 -lb. test got the bites,  8-lb. test not as many.  On occasion we would get fish close to 5 lbs. that gave our collective seasoned butts a real whoopin’ especially if it headed into the thick grass.   Total fish count 35-40 fish.  Best 5 about 21 lbs.   Off the water about 4:15…

“Take a picture,” said guide and Top 40 bass angler Gregg Silks, as I chatted with him at the edge of the parking lot. “Take a look at the ramp–it’s embarrassing!”

Certainly, that’s one word for conditions at Diamond Valley Lake, where half the people suggest I say nothing unkind about the Metropolitan Water District and the other half wants me to assail them for what they are. But either way, it doesn’t seem to matter. Tiptoe through graveyard or run backwards screaming, nobody at MWD is paying much attention.

Still, it’s good to know where things stand at this time. I took these shots today right after lunch. And yes, that is a full-sized pickup, not a Hot Wheels.



ramp side view

dvl ramp

The few anglers on hand today all said the bite was good. One bass fisherman, after chugging up the dirt and concrete slope, pulling an ice chest and lugging half a dozen rods, was breathing hard when he reached me. But he was also quick to say, “It was worth it.”

signs DVLFor now, everyone’s hoping there will come a time when we’ll again have to worry about “clean and dry” and following all the caution signs. I just hope I’m still breathing when that happens.


5 Responses to “Diamond Valley: the lowdown today…”

This post is totally off the cuff that I’m going to make, but I’m going anyway. I think (in my opinion) it’s a mental block among fisherman. Explain, OK, DVL is low right now and everyone is screamin’ about water and political issues. After takin’ a look at your pic’s George, it is a total mental block…What if the lake in question was built to the level it is now????? Would the fisherman be happy or screamin’ about somethin’ else. I hear it on the Delta every weekend when they talk about Low tide and high tide, my fish are off because its low tide. “No you just can’t fish low tide because you can’t adapt”, (Mental). Here is a saying that I use with beginners.

An amateir goes fishing to fish the lake…..A Professional goes fishing to fish the fish. Which one are you? What I’m trying to say is that the level of the lake doesn’t matter. Like I said Geo this is totally off the cuff.

by George Kramer

Rich: Obviously, with a lake that is 300 feet deep (or more in spots) the issue isn’t the size of the reservoir or the level per se. The issue at DVL is they built the lake first and then they built the launch ramp–so private boaters are (and have been) shut out for months with the low(er) level.
But what grinds everyone is the fact the MWD is in no hurry to spend the money to lengthen the ramp.


by kelly salmans

Rich … What grinds me is the fact that we were promised this would not happen. Also the fact is they had money from Boating and Waterways to build BOTH ramps and turned it down. The fact that the MWD has deep pockets and can extend the ramp but won’t!!! I went to the meetings, I know!

Rich – NO PRIVATE BOAT LAUNCH is the issue… it is a great fishery that has been relinquished to the rental fleet only.

Thanks for posting George… makes me not as homesick as I might have been! It is a shame, but it, as everything in life, will come to pass. At some point we’ll be flush (pun intended) with water once again, DVL will be filled back at or near capacity, and I may even be able to get the remaining launches off my unusable annual pass.

Meanwhile, for those who are able, get out once in a while and take more pictures for the day the structure is once again covered (I have a bunch that I took on several trips before the ramp went high and dry, including what turned out to be the final week).

DVL, and Casitas, will always be favorite waterways close to my heart, if only in the form of fond memories.


by Robert Schneider

It was just plain stupid not to put in both launch ramps completely before they put the water in.