roy-mug-for-websiteRoy Desmangles, Jr. may not be a household name, but maybe it should be.

While debate goes on about the role or even the participation of second seat competitors fishing alongside the pros, under the FLW format, those guys (and women, of course) aren’t just along for the ride, or participating as a “second rod.” Co-anglers have to catch their own fish–the way Desmangles did most recently at the Delta when he won there for the second time in his Stren Series career. (more…)

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Spoiling what was otherwise a perfectly good, foggy morming to go bass fishing, Genmar Holdings, Inc., you know the guys who make Ranger, Champion, Stratos, Hydrasport and who knows how many other brands, just filed for bankruptcy earlier today (Monday if you like). Can you say bye-bye bass tournaments?

If you look at your car (not your tow vehicle) as essential and saw what was happening to Chrysler and General Motors, you could pretty much figure that sales of $40,000 to $60,000, non-essential bass boats were going away–and now they really will–or at least most of them. We’ve been hearing the erosion of the outboard motor business for the last few years, but this Chapter 11 filing just about puts an end to the chaps with wraps. (more…)

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If a bass fisherman can’t throw in a few little wrinkles to customize a bait for his specific angling needs, then he’s just not happy. And in fact, especially with lures that maybe weren’t actually intended for bass (like the Road Runner here) a few adjustments make them even more perfect for the job.

In this third and final installment of my Road Runner series, I’ll toss out some things that I have discovered really make a difference and which might start you thinking about how you’ll use the little bait for your particular situations.

I won’t apologize for this, but when I chase bass, I like to get bites. (And forgive me, if some of those bites aren’t actually bass, that’s okay with me too–it keeps me alert). To meet most of the bass fishing situations (more…)

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