FRIDAY UPDATE–In answer to the question, “How did the seminar go?” Actually, a great group of enthusiastic fishermen and women showed up–actual count of 106. We’ll probably do it again this fall… Wipers were big, but a surprising number were interested in black bass. (Me too.) And we will be having some big news on that species soon….

For boaters visiting Lake Elsinore, now that the firefighting seaplane Hawaii Mars is stationed at the north end of the lake, the City has announced some safety measures have been put in place in case the flying boat is suddenly called into duty–as it was Friday and again on Saturday….

I quote: “A Temporary Lake Closure will take effect immediately upon the landing or takeoff of the Hawaii Mars airplane from the LE Recreation Area (at the north end).” At that time, “all boaters are required to move to the nearest shoreline within the Slow/No Wake Zone and stop their vessel. Once the ariplane has safely landed or taken-off, then boaters may resume activity.”

On a lesser note: Website seminar mugThe City in conjunction with the Elsinore West Marina (and me) will be holding a four-species (depending on what folks want to know) fishing seminar this Thursday, July 23, beginning at 7 p.m. The cost is three bucks (you can pay at the door and I don’t get a nickel). Everyone gets a hotdog and drink and some materials that should be helpful. And we’ll have some nice raffle prizes (including a free launch and day-use pass) and we’ll try and make it fun, and helpful.

Give the lake department a buzz (951) 674-7730 if you think you’re coming. The marina address (across from Lakeside High School) is 32700 Riverside Drive, Lake Elsinore, 92530.


6 Responses to “Update: Elsinore fishing seminar a success”

by Robert Schneider

Good luck with your seminar George. I’d be there but I can’t make it. I’ll be out with a Ronnie Kovach Owner Fishing Schools trip.

Might come out and see what all the fuss is about this “Jewel of the 909”, Lake Elsinore. : -)

by George Kramer

We’re in the 951 (designer area code), thank you. :>)

The lake has turned green with algae. Carp are still biting but all others have stopped. Sorry I can’t come to the seminar.

by George Kramer

Edward, your assessment is pretty up-to-date. But actually, the catfish have been on a pretty good chew as well, and I have some seen some dandies. But the current water conditions are pretty typical of the lake at this particular water level (around 1241 and change) and all the more reason that fulfillment of predictions of a mild El Nino condition this winter would be a great help. One of the reasons for the seminar is to talk about specific seasonal patterns here-because they are more extreme than in any reservoir in Southern California. Personally, I’m looking ahead to the October through April period here. And hoping for rain, too.



by George Kramer

Word to Jared: Chartreuse and white, 1/8-ounce RoadRunner is the answer to your question.