Hey, I’m over in Vegas this weekend for a family event. Temperatures are only 108 and it rained yesterday and part of today–so it’s the good ol’ monsoonal, U.S. Open weather–or a preview of the same. But when I checked email, I got a nice surprise from one of the more than a hundred that joined us for the Lake Elsinore fishing seminar on Thursday. One young angler, sent the following note:

“I would like to thank you for all the help you offered last night, I found your information very useful. In fact, using some of the advice you gave us, I caught (a) 6-8 Largemouth across the street from my house.  The fish is just about 2 pounds shy of the lake record.

Thanks again,

Kind of cool, eh? And hey,  I’ll be back in Lake Elsinore on Monday and we’ll talk some more.