showing logoHaving just come back along the I-10 (Bass Pro Shops) corridor I can tell you, I have decided my strategy for dealing with the design change in the Blakemore Road Runner.

From Rancho Cucamonga to Las Vegas, I bought every bulk package they had of the “old style” blade-behind-the-horsie-head lures–in both stores. While the California store had only a scant few of the old-style on the pegs, Vegas had a mix of old and the new–and I cherry-picked ’em.

I talked to Dana in the tackle department there on Blue Diamond Rd., and showed her and a co-worker what the lure company has done. It’s subtle, especially when you’re trying to find 1/8 or 1/4-ounce sizes in the colors you want.  But I promise, fishermen will know instantly when they fish it and the lure leans on its side on the retrieve.

Inventories being what they are, I have no way of knowing where anyone can still find/get the more functional (in my view) lures, which I admit, I switch out with #2 willows. But my son-in-law, Billy, picked up immediately how a shopper can can quickly tell them apart. He said, “Look at the label: the picture shows how the lure’s supposed to be.” And he was dead on. If what you see through the clear plastic package has the blade attached elsewhere, those baits are just not going to work the same.

One thing, though. It seems like all the carded baits were the original design, and they have a lot of variety in those–you just have to pay a little more for the singles.