While lakes operated by private water districts can do things anyway they want, Gov. Arnold Schwarwenegger has figured out his own way to solve the spread of the invasive aquatic mussel–close all the state parks.

No need for boat inspections when you’re not going to allow any boats in the first place. Whether the number is 50, 100 or the whole lot of them at 220, needless to say, how come we didn’t think of this concept?

Of course, it should come as no surprise, the doesn’t-look-like-a-Republican-to-me politician only goes outside when it’s raining. The last time anyone saw him in the outdoors was was to film a “visit-Call–ee-for-neea tourist” video. For all we know, the ex-Hollywooder used special effects on that one.

So while everyone has to tighten up on their personal budgets, the two-time special election loser (can we get that money back?) has set out to discourage travel in his own state. Don’t visit your state parks, purchase gas, dine in another town or buy cool local bass lures to fish–at say a Lake Perris?

Oh what the hey? I’m just feeling grumpy today.

But what do they pay those “iron rangers” anyway?


3 Responses to “Governor solves state quagga mussel issue!”

by Robert Schneider

WOW!! Holy Carp!!

Is this for real?? Do you have a link?

by George Kramer

From the LA Times:


Obviously, the money maker parks will stay, you would think. But it doesn’t seem so out-of-the-question.