DVL ramp workIt looks like about $200 a year per boater for each of the next five years will be all it takes to pay for the recently approved launch ramp at Diamond Valley Lake. Of course, that’s just an estimate.

Yesterday the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Water District approved putting the project out to bid as was announced on the MWD’s website. According to the release, construction could start by October and three lanes of the ramp would be extended 228 feet with completion next February.

Naturally, the impact on lake users is the big question. (more…)

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New from LamiglasThe surprise exit of Skeet Reese from the Lamiglas fold has been interpreted in many different ways, but in fact, when one door closes, another one usually opens up.

And if the bass market is going to see an expanded introduction of rods in the $100 range from a new player (such as Wright & McGill this Wednesday at the ICAST show in Orlando), Lamiglas it turns out, is ready to meet that new challenge with a handsome line-up of its own. (more…)

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website lead overview

A bit overdue, the Hawaii Mars, fire-fighting seaplane touched down after 4 p.m. today, as sheriff’s patrol boats chased off surprised recreationalists. The big plane’s support crew has been on hand at the Lake Elsinore City Campround for a couple of weeks, where they built a heli-pad for the seaplane’s tactical spotter craft. (more…)

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Maybe manufacturers have figured out that not all the media was going to cross the country to Orlando to catch the latest product intros at ICAST. I know that because my in-box is jammed “new product” info and images and in those I’m seeing a curious trend. There seems to be some industry-wide fixation on camouflage patterns for fishing gear.

Let me make it clear. Except for some camo plastic worms, I don’t want camo. (more…)

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Bass fishermen are kind of funny. They’re so much like that guy sitting in the back row, wise-cracking after every critical point in a presentation. Or if not that, ungraciously accepting the results of uncommon problem solving, as if those solutions grew on vines.

Robo’s Greg Stump knows something of the feeling. Speaking of his sophisticated EZ Shad he said, “We finally perfected the technology to make these things three colors, to inject three colors consistently–that took a long time.” (more…)

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I know it’s a private party in a sense, but for someone who’s immersed in the fishing deal, not making it to ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) next week in Orlando is a little disappointing.

Oh, I have my badge in hand, my media credential, but without the same connections with Western Outdoors Publications, I’m going to have to rely on my  “special agent” to pass the word around about KramerGoneFishing.com. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to have such friends. (more…)

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2003 US Open championI’ve always heard the South Side of Chicago was a particularly scary place to go. And I wouldn’t argue that. But when you start to read the message boards and bass fishing blogs, it sounds like the scariest place on earth must actually be Lake Mead.


How else would you possibly explain how otherwise reputable pros start to wobble in the knee, develop sudden skin rashes, or suffer untimely family emergencies, just about the time their U.S. Open entry fees are due?

Yet I never see those symptoms appear when Ramona’s John Kerr starts spooling up line for the West’s most challenging competition. Up ahead, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, the likes of Aaron Martens, Rick Clunn and Mike Folkestad with their combined eight (8) Open titles will be there, but Kerr doesn’t flinch. (more…)

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ramp closed

Free Fishing Day?

Sounds like a good idea. Introduce new people to fishing without the burden of purchasing even a one-day fishing license. Do it twice a year and the few wardens that are left on the payroll won’t have to ask anyone why they aren’t showing theirs.

Problem is, the Fourth of July weekend is not the time to try and introduce anyone to anything but a sunburn. Families, if they’re anywhere near water, are going to be doing familiar activities together; individuals aren’t going to split off and experiment with a new activity,  just to save a few bucks. (more…)

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If the most recent catch, reported hours ago on the Latest Forum Topics as 22-5 from Lake Biwa in Japan (click here) is accepted by the International Game Fishing Association, it will present several points of discussion.

One, of course, you’ll need an interpreter to get the whole story, but you have to agree, it  most certainly will turn the coveted U.S. standard into a true world record, (more…)

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