website gabe catchAs advertised, there were breaking fish in open water at the north end of El Capitan, Thursday. But what wasn’t there was the intensity. Still, days before he was to head to Lake Mead and the U.S. Open, Gabe Bolivar of Oceanside used a full array of tackle to catch keepers.

Recounting our morning on the water, we actually caught fish on Sammy’s, Ricos, Scrounger heads, flukes, under-spins, wacky jigs and drop-shot worms. But the best technique, despite the enticing surface flurries, was the Rapala ice jig, the little 2 incher in chartreuse/pearl.

For whatever reason, the bass were much more willing to stay down and the meter was alive with marks from first light until about 10 a.m. before the bite waned. While we did catch fish in and around the flooded brush at the Federal Lands boundary, pulling off in 25 to 30 feet of water on the major point on the east side produced lots of bites.

unhookingThe best part of the deeper action is the fish were steadily over 15 inches and several of those pushing the 3-pound mark on the ice jig. The next best method for size turned out to be the cola-colored Flick Shake, uphill on a 1/8th ounce head.

As Gabe said as we were pulling out: “This was way better than I was expecting.”

I just thought it was a good time.


4 Responses to “El Capitan: Bolivar ‘ices’ summer bass”

Quality guy you fished with. Deserves the big break in my opinion.

I’ve thrown that D_ _$! Ice jig for years and have yet to catch a bass on them. I have had boats not 20 feet from me load up on fish! I have used the same jig (size and color) next to someone who I know that is sticking fish (they called me over on more than one occasion) and still nothing.That damn lure is a mystery to me!!

by kelly salmans

Gabe is a first class guy I hope he does well at the Open!

Nice job, Gabe! sounds like fun! I’m goin’ on Saturday 29th with some tricks up my sleeve! I’ll leave you guys a reply! Hopefully some good news! I’m sure ill be showing up the club tournaments!