Today's catch at elsinoreWith the DFG’s six-hour tournament limit in place, you had to be encouraged with the result of today’s Elsinore Bass Club tournament. I know I was.

Just a week after a second, successive fish die-off, it seemed pretty clear that most of the casualties came from the ranks of shad, catfish and to some degree, wipers. But the black bass stayed strong, clearly evident by the club stats Sunday.

With 13 boats on the water, fishing the standard 5-fish limit, 10 of those boats returned at noon with limits–a nice 76.9 percent mark for success. In total, the club weighed in 57 largemouth, topped by a 3.19-pounder.

According to Dave Pauley from the club, the greater portion of fish came on white or chartreuse spinnerbaits at “the south end of the lake,” adding, there was one limit taken at the north end. The winning weight went 12.19, and fell to Chris Nickerson and Richie Vincent, while the runner-up pair had 12.16 pounds (Chip Gilbert, pictured was part of the second place team) and third place required better than 11 pounds.

More than the number logged at the scales, Pauley also noted “Most of the guys who caught fish, culled. I bet there were 70 or 75 fish actually caught.”


2 Responses to “Nice Elsinore bounce-back: 76% get bass limits”

George, how has the Wiper fishing been up there this year?

by George Kramer

Until the water got warm, it was decent, with flashes of brilliance. But we did lose some to low oxygen, and we may know more this winter and see what we catch. Elsie is accepting all water deposits from the sky or San Jacinto River this winter!