AnglerSurvey, a monthly consumer monitoring service, reports the species most sought by anglers in 2008. The tables below report the freshwater and saltwater species targeted most often by anglers between January and December.

Please note the rankings report the species targeted more often, which is not the same as anglers’ preferred species or the species most commonly caught. For example, a Texas angler’s favorite fish may be freshwater trout, but does not pursue trout based on the distance to the nearest trout fishery. He may instead target bass on most trips – which is reported in the tables below – but catches more panfish over the course of the year based on that species high numbers.

The tables show largemouth bass continues to be the most targeted freshwater species across the U.S., followed by panfish, smallmouth bass and trout, respectively.  Rankings are available each month to AnglerSurvey subscribers, as well as information on where anglers shop, preferred brands, average prices paid, and more. For more information, please contact Southwick Associates.
Freshwater :
Largemouth or spotted bass 59.30%
Panfish (Crappie, Perch, Sunfish, Bluegill/Bream) 36.80%
Smallmouth bass 25.30%
Trout 20.10%
Catfish 17.40%
Walleye 14.30%
Any freshwater fish that bites 13.50%
Perch 9.40%
Striped bass (freshwater) or hybrid bass 8.70%
Pickerel, pike or muskie 8.30%
Carp 4.60%
White bass and Sunshine bass 4.50%
Steelhead 3.20%
Salmon 3.10%
Saugeye 2.10%
Other fish not on this list 2.00%

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