DSC_0116Rich Tauber gave the official number–113 degrees at Callville Bay today and that is almost as hot as it gets for a major bass tournament. And yet, the field has expanded to maybe 120 boats–and maybe as high as 130 by the time the last straggler commits.

But seeing Mead this year was almost like seeing a brand new lake. Yes, the ramp is down to two lanes, but fortunately, in the dark on a weekday, what better group of drivers would you have backing down than those who fish for bass? Out on the water, the Nevada state patrol was on duty today, checking fishing licenses, safety equipment and the like. Something I didn’t know before: SOSpenders need to be worn at all times while in the boat–since they don’t float unless someone is wearing them to activate. Good to know.

DSC_0085Also, Lake Mead should fish bigger than seasons past as there are both structure and coverage patterns in action. The wild card has been the grass which is as thick and widespread as you could imagine. I didn’t hear of any frog bite, but I did come up on pockets where I could see little “paths” in the canopy. (As Rick Clunn mentioned, though, it could be from some small wild creature, perhaps.)

Several of the pros are calling today the end of their prefish, and will make a full weekend of R&R. Under these weather conditions, that would serve them well for the Monday kick off.

Dock talk? Plenty. And out there, I saw some stuff that would straighten your hair. But I’m sworn to secrecy. Things will start to take shape late Monday afternoon. I’ll try and reach some of the stars by cell and post their comments.DSC_0058DSC_0092DSC_0073


3 Responses to “Images from the US Open practice period”

Nice shots and great heads up George. Thanks for the info.

by Robert Schneider

My hair is already straight. LOL

Good read…keep us upated George.