While some individuals in the U.S. have had contact with Japanese sources regarding acceptance or not of the 22-5 largemouth caught at Lake Biwa in July, official statements seem difficult to find. One post on the Trophy Forum (click here) sounded authentic as to the tenor in that country.

But at least I can say I received something official from the Fisheries Dept. over there. You may, as I do, find it unsatisfactory, but it may confirm that because of apparent opposing views regarding environment versus the tourist/marketing value of big bass no one is willing to stick their neck out just yet.

Here’s what I got:

Dear Mr. Kramer,

The largemouth bass is a voracious eater of the native fish in Lake Biwa, and in Shiga there are not any regulations which protect them.

There are various regulations in place to protect Shiga’s fishery resources, such as the native ayu Plecoglossus altitivelis, cyprinid fish and salmonid fish, and according to the season certain locations are off limits for fishing.

Also, for safety reasons, sailing and mooring is restricted in certain areas of Lake Biwa. Please inquire with the Shiga Prefectural Police regarding the details of sailing regulations.

Director, Fisheries Management Division

Obviously, no one wants to speak officially on this particular catch. And if there is a move at hand to discount the record and be done with it, I’m not sure it will be so easy. In fact, it reminds me that the recognized world record bass by George Perry was established long before the existence of the International Game Fishing Association. In other words, we don’t necessarily need their blessing to recognize any catch.

What are the chances I will get any help from the local police? Somebody got that number?


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