Rich with fishThe email read: “Look what I caught.”

It was from a regular to this site, Rich Lingor up in Bradley. He noted that he had caught a bass, but he had also discovered the where-abouts of Hawaii Mars which had left Lake Elsinore approximately a week ago.

The only word locally was that the plane, along with its entire support team, was headed to fight the fires up in Santa Barbara and related areas. But there was speculation (more…)

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Dean at Oneida, 09Former Ramona resident Dean Rojas (now living in Lake Havasu City) finished the weekend in third place at Lake Oneida, New York, earning him a berth in the Bassmasters Classic in Feb. of 2010.

But before he can entertain a shot at the World Championship, he must now cross the country in time for the Aug. 31-Sept. 2 U.S. Open on Lake Mead–using the same boat that served him so well among the Elites.

Such are the staggering logistics in the fishing game. (more…)

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Steven YeeYes, it’s a one fish derby by definition, but fishing just six hours against a savvy field took more than luck to finish on top in the Heavyweight Bass Classic-5. Steven Yee of Sacramento (at left with a much larger fish from another trip), found the Delta waters holding form for summertime and he took home the $10,000 winner-take-all prize with a bass weighing 6.93 pounds.

“I was having a pretty good pre-fish a month or month and half back,” he said. “I thought then it would take an 8 1/2- or 8 3/4-pound fish to win. (more…)

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I know it’s a week old, but since I’m currently waiting for my own interview questions to be translated and get my answers back from Japan, all I have to fall back on is the following East Coast news report saying there has been record no application made as yet (sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste in your browser):

One would suspect that the angler might hold off his IGFA paperwork, if there are some issues in the home country. As the account said Kurita has 90 days to do so.

Stay posted.

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green water pugWhile bass fishing may be its own “special interest” group, that group is hardly unified. Take a look at the following situations of “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”  And then put them in order?

A. Suffer below average rainfall again this winter.

B. Ban float tubes from all public reservoirs.

C. Delay re-opening of Diamond Valley Lake until 2011. (more…)

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Red eye shad-2

Like it or not, sometimes there are issues you have to take a close look at. Bass anglers are still citizens, and in a huge state with diverse business and environmental interests at hand, it’s important to know what the issues really are. A colleague, Dan O’Sullivan, did a nice piece on this Delta water issue, and you can read the whole thing by connecting to this link:

AS FOR DIAMOND VALLEY today, Brian Porter and Jim Emmett did the rental thing today and made it work for a “real” 40 fish including a pair of 5’s and a pair of 6’s. (more…)

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Things have been brewing in the boating industry and they boiled over again this week. It was announced today that, “In nearly 15 years of business and tournament operations, FLW Outdoors has never had to sue a single sponsor for failure to pay their sponsorship fees.”

But, according to suit filed in Minnesota State Court today, that changed when we learned that Evinrude has failed to pay its agreed upon sponsorship fees for the entire 2009 season.

Irwin Jacobs, in the official FLW news release, said, “Not only are we terribly disappointed in the fact that Evinrude hasn’t paid any of their agreed-upon sponsorship fees (more…)

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Clunn for KGFWhen I talked to Rick Clunn before he headed to New York for the final Bassmaster Elite contest at Lake Oneida (Aug. 13-16), his focus had already changed. His ranking on that tour was not going to get him to the Classic next February, but his calendar still had an important stop–Lake Mead for the 2009 U.S. Open (Aug. 31-Sept. 2).

Speaking of the final two events on his competitive calendar he said, “I always liked Lake Mead, but I think I’m looking forward to the Open a little bit more this year.” (more…)

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seaplane close-upI guess you can have hope for a number of reasons. At Lake Elsinore today, that meant a three-boat search party sent out to see if there were any survivors–and we found some.

After the fish die-off of a couple of weekends back, and at least six more weeks of hot weather possible, no one can predict exactly what’s going to happen from here on. But if I have the lures-only, hook and line numbers right, (more…)

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morning topwaterFrom a nice topwater bite this morning on the front side of the island, to structure fishing at the inlet and Bernesconi Road bed, a half day at Lake Perris was better than a full day at a lot of places.

Robert Schneider took me for a spin in his new Ranger from Anglers Marine, and it seems to me, I should be making more frequents stops on the reservoir. The west and northwest portions (more…)

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