Brush patch Sept elsinoreLow water is everybody’s business in SoCal and within a week’s time both Lake Morena and  Lake Elsinore (right) have been added to Diamond Valley as sharing the same issue–launch ramps out of service.

Today I got this from Beryl Buchanan, supervising park ranger at Morena:

“EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!! Due to low water levels, boat launching (more…)

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sidearm spinnerbait webUPDATED: Okay, it may be an issue of bass fishing eras, but I’ve been sitting on this lure for awhile–just because I knew the water would start to cool down, and around here, there are still places with shallow cover.

Yes, all singles and tandems work fine in the brush. But I’ve been around long enough to know that the first dual-bladed spinnerbaits were actually twin-spins. A lure that has a blade on either of two spreader arms, allowing for a slow fall–like a parachutist, (more…)

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Something like a midterm and maybe more like a semi-annual report, a look at this year’s numbers after three-quarters of the season on the FLW (National Guard) Series suggests continued difficulty in pursuing a pro career or even maintaining this level of pro circuit in the West.

I got these numbers from FLW (you know where to look) and I’m pretty sure I’ve got them right. The big difference (more…)

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vail lake web shotProving a little cooperation goes a long way, even between public and private interests, Vail Lake, the membership reservoir east of Temecula, got a clean bill of health regarding quagga mussels, according to a recent article in the Press Enterprise (click here).

However, the threat of the mussels spreading is clearly in the minds of water districts, (more…)

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thrashing beastJust an update on the Lake Elsinore scene. The DFG is looking at prospects of stocking more largemouth bass into the lake, however, biologists will need to examine some live specimens before giving the population a clean bill of health. (Always glad to help the cause of bass medicine, I’ll be out sometime next week helping with that collection process).

In the meantime (actually a couple of weeks back) members of the avid and active Elsinore Bass Club were able to drop some large brush piles (more…)

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Maybe you haven’t heard, but there is an FLW Series tournament this week. Yep, California Delta, big prizes, big names (at least a few.) If you haven’t heard, that’s okay because there has been about as much buzz on this as wounded housefly.

So you know, this morning (Wednesday) they sent out 89 pros and their co-anglers, raising the average pro attendance for three of the four scheduled events to ninety-five. That’s 95 skilled and competitive-minded anglers, each paying $4000 per event in entry fees. Unfortunately, (more…)

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topper popperWith summer unwilling to leave, it seems there are going to be extra days, perhaps weeks to throw topwater in 2009. And that’s good.

But it is surprising to me that there continues to be some argument about what tackle components are best suited: often including line, but also relating to rod choice, yet almost never referring to bait types. Worse than that, everyone of these “discussions” tends to conclude with a narrow statement declaring the opinion is the “end all” on the subject.

When possible, we should try and separate fact from opinion. The answers some people put out there just seem waaaay too pat for me and my experience regarding topwater tools. By the same token, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some universal concepts. We probably all agree (more…)

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another Q mark copyWith Japan and the IGFA in the news a lot lately, people have been throwing up some big numbers in different parts of the world. But just picking from five California lakes, can you name the lake record of each?

Best answer would include the weight, the angler and the year. But we’ll start with the weight, and look for the most complete response.

And yes, there is more than bragging rights. I’ll have some nice toys to send you as well. (But not you, Kellen ;>/).

Here are the lakes, get me the records:

1. Lake Castaic
2. Lower Otay Lake
3. Lake Casitas
4. Lake Hodges
5. Lake Wohlford

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Gulp! packageOh, I’m sure I’ll get some official protest to the contrary, but that shouldn’t affect yours or my opinion on the matter. When it comes to largemouth bass fishing, it doesn’t matter what it says on the package, Gulp! is over-rated as a fish catcher, and those of us in Santee the other evening heard testimony.

When asked about the product, former World Champion and FLW champion Jay Yelas said publicly what other Berkley pros have told me privately for years: (more…)

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The ball is now in the court of the International Game Fish Association as the 22-pound, 5-ounce largemouth bass taken in Japan earlier this summer has been submitted for world record recognition. Caught in July, and disputed on several levels, this seems like a no-brainer based on the IGFA’s track record. Japan will embrace the new record and IGFA will turn it down. (more…)

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