another Q mark copyWith Japan and the IGFA in the news a lot lately, people have been throwing up some big numbers in different parts of the world. But just picking from five California lakes, can you name the lake record of each?

Best answer would include the weight, the angler and the year. But we’ll start with the weight, and look for the most complete response.

And yes, there is more than bragging rights. I’ll have some nice toys to send you as well. (But not you, Kellen ;>/).

Here are the lakes, get me the records:

1. Lake Castaic
2. Lower Otay Lake
3. Lake Casitas
4. Lake Hodges
5. Lake Wohlford


8 Responses to “Weekend quiz: D’you know your lake records?”

Castaic 22.01 lbs.
Casitas 21.20 lbs.
Hodges 20.25 lbs.
Wohlford 19.19 lbs.
Lower Otay 18.12 lbs.

1. Castaic -Bob Crupi 22.01 3-12-91
close behind Mike Arujo 21.75 3-5-91
2. Lower Otay Bob Eberly 18.75 3-9-80
3.Casitas -Ray Easley 21.20 3-4-80
4.Hodges -Gene Dupras 2o.25 5-30-85
5.Wolford -Steve Beasley 19.1875 2-3-86

#1. Crawdad
#1 b “Renosky Trout”
# 3 Crawdad
#2 , 4,and 5 probably on crawdads
Beasly Brothers made big news holding up a big 10 fish stringer of 10 pound plus fish caught on Crawdads from Isabella . The WON news clipping and picture was posted on the wall of every combination grocery-tackle store in the Isablla area.

Some complain the questions are too hard, others must be too easy. Okay you smart guys, what color shirt was Dupras wearing? (Gene, you can verify.)


Geo, you’re awful one-way….Where’s Northern California?

Delta> 18.64
Clearlake> still in the 17lb catogory
Berryessa> 18lb plus
Pardee? Camanche? Pedro? Shadow Cliff? Chabot? San Pablo?

Shadow Cliff, Chabot, San Pablo, Delvalle should be all in the 18+ range,,,, Don Osborn would know these weights!!!!

Rich Thiel

Rich, I’m just like a police interrogator. I only ask questions I know the answers to… :>)

Officer Kramer: “All right you jackpot hustlers, UP AGAINST THE WALL! AND ASSUME THE POSITION,or I’ll rip your lips with a Road Runner. STRIP SEARCH!”

Shad Breath: “Hey, I’m just the piano player”

Carp Humper: “The punk Green Fish is a hidden’ in da weeds”

Officer Kramer follows up on the informant tip and makes the arrest, and puts the culling ring float cuffs on Punk Green Fish.

Punk Green Fish: ” mama mia, mama mia, Let me go, let me go”
Fry school chorus: “Let him go!”