thrashing beastJust an update on the Lake Elsinore scene. The DFG is looking at prospects of stocking more largemouth bass into the lake, however, biologists will need to examine some live specimens before giving the population a clean bill of health. (Always glad to help the cause of bass medicine, I’ll be out sometime next week helping with that collection process).

In the meantime (actually a couple of weeks back) members of the avid and active Elsinore Bass Club were able to drop some large brush piles made from orange trees removed from an orchard being cleared. They even passed on mapping information to the city as to the location of the new structures. This was done at the expense and effort of the club–for the benefit of all fishermen. Well done, Elsinore Bass Club!

Also, I learned that the city has the seine nets working again and the crew was able to gather about 3000 pounds of carp earlier this week in two days. That process was aided by the fact the lower lake level leaves little in the way of snags in the prime, flat, collecting areas of the lake.

BTW: the lake level is now at 1240 feet or just under, and that means the city has closed the main Seaport Landing launch ramp. A good alternative, therefore, is Elsinore West at the opposite (northwest) end of the lake.

But yes, a wet winter would still be a great benefit.


3 Responses to “Lake Elsinore: fishery, habitat work underway”

Hey George, If the collection lands on a Thursday I’m free!!

The Lake Elsinore news, tournament results and television coverage give the impression of a very healthy fish population.The results of the restoration efforts are impressive and deserve congratulation including continuing pro active supplemental habitat enhancement. With the apparent population success,supplemental stocking of largemouth bass to other reservoirs under stress may be a better use of the limited availability of a challenged fiscal resource. Drought conditions are taxing aquatic ecosystems statewide.

It’s definitely in comeback mode, and at times, Elsinore offers up some Crackerjack fishing. Because of the shallow, natural basin, extreme summer temperatures, and only moderately reliable water supply, it needs all the help we can afford to give.