vail lake web shotProving a little cooperation goes a long way, even between public and private interests, Vail Lake, the membership reservoir east of Temecula, got a clean bill of health regarding quagga mussels, according to a recent article in the Press Enterprise (click here).

However, the threat of the mussels spreading is clearly in the minds of water districts, and their willingness to close any given reservoir (with a water transport system) is evident in the article.

Note the part of the story that says “…as long as no mussels are found…” the lake will remain open. That’s a curious twist when most water agencies seem to be acting under the thought that as long as there is no infestation, then access will be monitored closely. However, once the mussels have established themselves, lake users would only be held to a clean and dry standard when traveling to and from other waters.

Hopefully, MWD, purveyors of nearby Diamond Valley water, won’t become more paranoid if things change on the local scene regarding the presence of the quagga.


3 Responses to “Quaggas a no-show at Vail Lake…”

Thinking out side of the Bass…
As the infestation spreads, we are losing time. An all out Manhattan project to convert all available hatcheries to producing Red Ear Sunfish (a.k.a. Shell Crackers) is the biological control that would pay off in recreational dividends.

I don’t think the fishery/biological field see mussel infestation as that big of a problem right now. Water departments yes,but they look at it as just another issue to study not fix. Until you get the Politcial parties involved using pressure to correct problem. It will probably go unchecked.

The local efforts are the only line of defense at the moment.A co-ordinated uniform program could be a solution to the different hoops that the recreational fisherman faces as they try to enter a different lake. More likely the Politicians and non-fishing political appointees will turn it into a nightmare.Just look at the MLPA fiasco. Political solutions open the door to the involvement of anti- fishing extremists.