kellen double digitOctober 20 Update: The FLW Series event at Clear Lake, plus any exceptional bass catches made this week will be the final entries into the database, in selecting the Top 40 bass anglers list for 2009. The list includes only California resident anglers, however, their achievements can span the entire U.S. or other parts of the world, and includes big fish specialists and guides in addition to tournament competitors.

Since there is no sponsor in 2009 for my annual Top 40 California Bass Anglers list, I’ve decided to give my crack Bass Anglers Assessment Team (BAAT) a little help this year, by asking viewers for their input.

Coming up are both the annual Bass-A-Thon in Southern California, and up north, the ressurection of the old Bass-A-Rama (or is that Bass Jamboree, as I was corrected?). In any case, bass fishermen will be gathering and they’ll need something to talk about.

Sure, every year we hear the complaints (especially from upper half of the state) but that’s to be expected. Kind of like the world before Columbus, they didn’t know¬† the land mass extended south of Salinas.

Anyway, the Top 30 names are easy. There aren’t even any residency issues this year (remember, this is California’s Top 40 bass anglers). It’s those “sleepers” we don’t want to miss. So if you’d like to suggest a name or two (and hometown) for our researchers to look at, this would be the right time. And if you really have a strong case, you might want to let the “BAAT boys” know why you think so much of your nominee.

Maybe you might consider the guy in the lead photo here with a double digit bass from Diamond Valley (taken just a few days ago). We don’t care, just let us know and we’ll see if your nominees factor into the official announcement of the Big List.


15 Responses to “Top 40 time coming up: Any suggestions?”

DEE THOMAS. I have no dog in this fight. I have seen firsthand, at a distance what this man has given to this sport, and the legitimacy he brought to this region (westcoast). Even at 70+ he still scares the hell outta some of these kids here in Northern CA. No, Dee is not a relative or even a friend, just someone I’ve competed against and watched at a distance continue to do his thing. Whether it’s Team Tourneys or Draw events, this guy continues to compete at a high level despite his health challenges. Personally, I don’t think he receives the recognition he deserves, and yeah there are some reasons for that. He can be a crusty ole fart, but he is still one of the best sticks out there!

Who is that guy? Brent, Skeet, Mike Hart top 3, Pat K, Art Berry also need to be in there somewhere. If that is Kellen, please George have a clue. Rick G.

Hey ReelX. I said I’ve already got the easy ones covered. I’m looking for the obscure…LOL

Jason Borofka. Ricky Shabazz. Chad Frie.

Jim Kast
Chuck Boydston
Chuck English
Bobby Sandberg
Don Siefert
Jack Van Grouw
Fred Kunkle
Bernie Sherman
Dave Nollar
John “Okie” Vaughn
Ron Groninger
Jay Hoffman
Mike Cato
Frank Tedora
Conroy Oakley
Jim Lyon
Mike Gardner
Rick Butler
Fred Borders
John Bedwell

In all due respect, I was thinking of avoiding any posthumous awards. The Top 40 is a list that is in constant flux….

Gone but not forgotten……

1. Skeet Reese for his sucess Nationally
2. Aaron Martens for his national sucesses and innovation
3. Gary Dobyn’s …cause he’s the Man!
4. Dee Thomas. Hall of Fame and still swinging his stick

Rusty Salewske

Cody meyer
Brent Ehrler
gabe bolivar
rusty salewski
Jason barofka
Randy mcabee

mike hart
Troy lindner
Justin kerr

I don’t think there is a bass a Rama but there is a bass jam see

Slam dunks should include
Cody meyer
mike long

Just jackin with ya BTW, Kellen, Kramer style. This site was built for drama, so I am just shuckin your corn. Gotta also have John Strelic and Little Joe Uribe.

Buc Buchanan. ABA AOY Teams Champion forever. Two time El Cajon Ford Champ.

I’d like to see Cameron Smith make the list.

Randy Macabee

Wow lots of names thrown around. Rusty and Cameron because they are always on top.