While everyone might be expecting another FLW Series “slam” from this desk, the fact is, the 89 boats that went out this morning is barely below the tour average of 95 for the season. Given that this is the final event of the year–when the numbers typically fall off dramatically–there was enough interest, and the venue Clear Lake popular enough, to hold the line on competitors. Perhaps this is a sign that the number of tour-type anglers (thick or thin, points or no points) has been solidified.

One thing the tournament provides is one chance for a “last hurrah” for some of the respected names who have fallen on hard times. Looking down the list of entrants, it’s obvious a few guys need this contest just to cash for the first time this season in the National Guard. Maybe they can gain favor in the eyes of bass fishing observers.

Of course, none of those guys really care if they make it on the Top 40 list of California’s best bass fishermen. (But don’t they squawk when they’re not?) Let’s see where they fall on Saturday.


4 Responses to “Clear Lake: Redemption for some FLW pros?”

I think the FLW is a strong circuit in the West.

Honestly? The top 40 list is talked about more than you realize. I do hear of it on and off through out the year – and myself and others look forward to reading it when it comes out.

The comments accompanying each pick help give us insight to improve our own game from amateur to professional or just our imaginative daydreams.

Hi George,
I’m really interested in your top 40 picks and I live in
minnesota. As a avid tournament fishing fan and someone
who has made my living in this sport that we all love I
try to keep up on as much as I possibly can, all over the
country. I’ve been reading your stuff for years and you
really get it. Keep up the great work. I’ve worked with FLW
for some time and they really care and have done a great
job for all of us who enjoy tournament fishing.

Now there is a feather in your cap! Al Lindner is a class act.