Ornament shot

Not often willing to go into the bushes to retrieve a lure or worm nor afraid to toss something that’s no longer in production, it’s true what they say about me–I’m not a collector.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the holidays, and (at my house) decorating the Christmas tree is a traditional affair. My wife has some collectible ceramic ornaments and several with kids’ names on them. Still, I’ve never really thought about a fishing theme for Christmas.

But, when I saw this offer from Heddon drop in my email, I had to get on it. What they’re offering is a whole selection of a dozen of the vintage Pumpkinseed lures, all dressed up as collectible tree ornaments. Each lure in the box is a hand-painted Pumpkinseed replica, built from the original specs, yet the company is offering the whole set for $19.99!

The collectible set is unique in that only 5000 will be produced, so you can hang ’em this December, or you can tuck some away as gifts…for your great grandchildren. But if you want to enjoy them now, you’ll find that they can be hung either by the back in swimming mode or from the mouth, so your official tree decorator has some style options.

But yeah, Heddon knew you would be a hard sell, so the company is tossing in a free Rattlin’ Spook (they’re about 7 bucks) as a nice little bonus. Take a look. Muster up a little holiday spirit. You can place your order at www.lurenet.com. (Scroll down, you’ll find it under “Heddon.”)


3 Responses to “I’m not a collector, but maybe for Christmas…”

In about 200 years this item will be on a futuristic version of the Antique Road Show.

Along with the rest of your tackle, Brian!

I’m not sure I need to adorn a tree ABOVE the water … I’ve done enough submerged decorating to last a lifetime.