UPDATED–I’m sure you’ve heard, but FLW has switched dates: Roosevelt to September and Lake Mead to May. This probably makes a more competitive circuit, but it certainly doesn’t avoid the heat. But maybe FLW has found a way to get all those timid tournament fishermen some time on Lake Mead and discover: there is no Boogeyman over there. Out.

It’s a surprise to me, but the FLW Series (National Guard West) will survive to fight again. Just announced, the Series will go with Lake Shasta in January, Roosevelt in May, the Delta in June and Lake Mead in September, which could affect the U.S. Open, depending on the calendar and the financial climate next summer.

Dropping Stren, which had been very popular until National Guard sucked all the discretionary income out of the territory, is an interesting move. It appears they feel the lower entry fee of $2000 in these four-day events will pull from the pool ofย  Stren players, who will only need 12 “days off” for competition (the events finish on Saturday) and leaves it up to the competitors how many days off they will utilize for practice.

The Eastern Division of the FLW Series was also dropped, however, FLW will retain its method of taking the top 100 pros and top 100 co-anglers to the FLW Cup next year in South Carolina.

Registration for these events is to commence on Nov. 2, according to latest release. (click here)

Note to the Today Show: Tournament fishing is NOT growing.


4 Responses to “FLW drops Stren, then flops Series dates”


Lets look at the schedule a little bit here.

Shasta in mid January. Isn’t this the time of year snow is flying in that range? Also, that’s the time of year that experiences the lowest water level on that lake. Will there be a ramp open?

Roosevelt in May. With more than 50% of the anglers fishing the circuit being from CA, doesn’t this pose a fuel expense issue?

The Delta in June. It’s been my experience that this is the worst time of year to fish this water.

Mead in Sept. Two weeks after the Open? More time in the sweltering heat of Lake Mead/Las Vegas?

What am I missing here George?

Terry ๐Ÿ™‚

by George Kramer

Your credit card number to get your deposits in?

Uhhh…. I don’t own a credit card George. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe FLW accept PayPal for payment? Looks like they’re tired of Clear Lake, Havasu already too?