Tuesday’s unveiling of the California Top 40 Bass Anglers’ list could have some unpleasant surprises as the assessment team digs deep into the list of potential qualifiers. Tournament fishermen, in particular, will feel the sting of bad scores on one circuit nullifying good scores in another.

The top 10 has already been established, but even those names will raise some eyebrows. The hardest questions anyone on the board had to ask were how to rate one circuit over another, and how to weight any individual win compared to accumulated tour points and finally how to rate performances in showcase events such as the Forrest Wood Cup and the U.S. Open?

We’ll take some hard looks at the scores of perennial Top 40 guys such as Ish Monroe of Hughson. His half a Stren Tour showing included a win, but his Bassmaster Elite performance at 79th out of 100 doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.

The question of residency came up with regard to Michael Bennett who is listed on the FLW Tour points list as from Panama City, Florida. Of course, Cup winner or not, he’s not even in the top 50 on the Tour this year, so maybe the issue is moot. As for the Roseville edition, RJ, his one cash in four events in National Guard West will require some strong regional support to get in.

Gabe Bolivar of Ramona is another bubble buster. His 36th on the FLW Tour and 32nd on the National Guard don’t leave much wiggle room on a list that may include top team fishermen, guides and big bass specialists.

I can say this. You would have loved to be a fly on the wall this year. (But we sprayed.)


One Response to “Top 40: Ish, Bennett bros, Bolivar on the outs?”

Doesn’t matter about their standings. What matters is that they are out there fishing these events. Every tour angler in California should be on the list. (FLW Tour/Bassmaster Elite/Opens) Then start fishing out of the barrel.