The next guy who looks you in the eye and uses the words “smart business,” “bankruptcy,” and “Irwin Jacobs” needs a poke in the eye with a push-pole.

After reading the latest Bassfan update on the assets bidding process and the time schedule for everything to be concluded or in other words, how many shrunken heads will the industry sustain, I’m wondering just how badly will FLW Outdoors be decimated in this realm of “smart business?” (more…)

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isabella beast

When I fish, I prefer a lot of bites. If you’re gonna be out there, you might as well be busy. But then, when you get a message like the one I got from Rusty Brown, it’s probably okay to get just one bite–if it’s this good.

Thanksgiving Day he was up at Isabella and found himself over at Rocky Point in the morning, fishing 49 degree water. Sometime around 9 a.m., from about 18 feet of water, he got his first (and only) bite of the day.

But it turned out to be a good one. Thumping his brown and purple Proline jig with a brown Uncle Josh jumbo pig, the trophy buried the scale at 13.75 pounds. Brown said: “You’ve got to be ready when that one bite comes.”

So I’m ready, already.

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Kramer's office

They were predicting as much as an inch of rain today, but from where I stand, they came up short. But the prediction did work in my favor–I decided to organize some of my tackle–or at least some in my office.

Call the bad weather motivation. I looked at my desk and my office and it pretty much looks like the next episode of “Hoarders.” (more…)

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Sebile web prize(GAME OVER: see comments) Haven’t had a quiz for awhile, so I thought I’d put something fancy on the prize list: a Sebile Magic Swimmer 145 mm fast sinker.

This time around it’s strictly an all-California quiz, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. (Of course, non-Californians are eligible to win.) (more…)

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Babb cover shotJust this week, I sent a message through channels to IGFA: “What’s the hold-up on that Kurita recognition?”

But, maybe, just maybe, the planets are aligned one last time for the man (and his story) who caught the enigmatic world record largemouth bass back in 1932. I say that, earnestly, having just this afternoon, received a wonderful volume for review entitled, Remembering George W. Perry.

Written by Perry’s long-time chronicler and family friend, Bill Baab of of Augusta, Georgia, the 160-page paperback looks and feels so appropriate to the catch that has stood the test of time…or at least, up to whatever moments of time it has left. (more…)

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mike & tami webThey pleaded. They petitioned. They promised. Then wishful bass fishermen said, “We’ll pay extra, if you (the Metropolitan Water District) would please, please extend that launch ramp at Diamond Valley Lake.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the MWD recognized a desperate cash cow when it saw one and said, “Fine!”

Since it was going to cost $1.1 million to extend the ramp, the water broker decided to take those anxious, petition-signing bass fishermen up on their offer–and now the boys will have to pay up. (more…)

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SiemantelKB and GliebeTrue, I parked closer to Anglers Marine than I ever have before. I could also make my way down most any aisle without a GPS.

But the 2009 version of Bass-A-Thon felt good–there was an energy in the building as fishermen began looking at the swimbait season, the reopening of Diamond Valley Lake and the implications of a new WON Bass tournament season. (more…)

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Hey, they squawk a little each year with the Top 40 List of California bass fishermen, but what will they say when the Top 100 boat dealerships in North America are recognized?

According to Boating Industry Magazine, there are just three dealerships that make the grade in California and among those with a bass boat focus, the best in the Golden State is Gone Fishin’ Marine in Dixon (more…)

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While I was out on the water today, WON BASS went and announced a new director. Here’s what I got via email:

Saying he wants to get back to the basics of growing the sport of tournament bass fishing, Harvey Naslund has agreed to once more take the reins of the WON BASS circuit, announced Western Outdoors President/CEO Bob Twilegar.

This will be the third time Naslund has been in charge of the top bass fishing tournament organization in the West (more…)

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Money is always short when it comes to programs for future anglers, but (the product lines formerly known as PRADCO) is offering a nice three-pack of tournament winning lures, with a dollar of the price (a very modest $9.99) going to the Future Fisherman Foundation.

Since you wanted to treat yourself anyway during the gift-giving season, you might as well pay around half-price (more…)

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